Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bark at the moon


YHC was pleased to lead 5 stark raving mad men under the light of the full moon (or at least mostly) this morning.
Here is what went down…

Arm circles
WW2 situps
Heels to Heaven
Renegade Rows (each side)
Inverted Tricep Presses (ouch)

The Thang
KB Swing and run — #1 runs the loop, the rest of the group does KB Swings — then #2 goes, then #3, etc.  YHC was #5 and was ready to run when Mudface came back.

Odd and Even Ladder–
Start at wall — do 1 Donkey Kick, run short distance to sidewalk, do 2 merkins, then 3 DK’s, 4 merkins, continue with odd donkeys and even merkins up to around 12, then we started back down the ladder until YHC called time.

Tabata Sequence
Bob and Weave with KB — 8x

KB Thrusters — 8x

KB Sit up presses — 8x

KB High Pulls — 6x

Head back to the Flag for a little Mary boat canoe style.
1 minute Around the World with KB’s and that is all.

What a great morning for a KB workout!  The PAX worked their butts off today between the odd and even ladder and all the Tabata madness.  Way to go gentlemen!

Announcements —
Keep Labrat in your prayers as he is grieving the loss of his grandmother.
First Thursday this Thursday at Ashcreek!
Convergence on September 30th at Gridiron









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  1. Opus, this was a challenging, humbling, much-needed KB workout. I’ve got to work on those inverted tricep presses. Thanks for taking the Q, especially on the first week of school.