Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



The view from the top of StankHill was breathtaking … or maybe that was the beatdown. Either way, YHC could not ask for a better way to start off the morning. Despite a less than stellar Q by YHC, five PAX gathered to get better this morning.

The Thang:

H: 20 hand release merkins – On my count (OMC)
O: 20 overhead claps (aka Ray Lewis’s) – In Cadence (IC)
U: 5 Up Downs “Until Blue is no longer tired or thirsty” -Remember the Titans (Great movie)
S: 20 side straddle hops (of course) – IC
T: 20 tempo merkins – IC
O: 15 capital “Os” with your legs while on your 6 – IC
N: 15 Newton’s cradle – IC

Mosey to base of stairs. Merkin/Squat on every other step. Retrieve “your best friend” (a rock).

A-L-A-R-M (Arm, Leg, Abs, ‘R’ Exercise, ‘M’ Exercise): An exercise group of movements performed in successive fashion without rest.

ALARM 1 = Shoulder Press x20, Lunge x20, LBC x20, Run down the hill and back up (front side), merkin x20. 7 minute AMRAP.

Carry your best friend to methane pipe #2. YHC’s pun about “Carrying the rock” fell flat.

ALARM 2 = Shoulder Taps x20, Squat Jumps x20, Peter Parkers x20, Ranger Merkins x20, Mary (Free choice – big boy sit-ups) x20. 7 minute AMRAP.

Carry your best friend back to methane pipe #1. Fellow PAX’s (cannot remember who) pun about not “fumbling the rock” garnered a few more chuckles.

ALARM 3 = Curls x20, Goblet Squat x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Run down the hill and back up (front side), Pattycake Merkins x20. One round all together.

Ditch your best friend. Mosey back to shovel flag.

Circle of Trust (COT):
Counterama, name-o-rama
Global: Remember Houston now (and in two, three, four years). Do not let the 24 hour news cycle allow us to forget.
Personal: Matthew 6:34 (NASB) “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Seeking God’s will and perfect plan during big decisions.”
Ball of Man (BOM).

Naked Man Moleskin (NMM) and Announcements:

When YHC pulled up to the parking lot, it was full. We were joined this morning by a crowd of NAVY personnel. As McGruff pointed out, probably not all of them were out there by choice.

Trying to complete Pattycake Merkins with three people requires coordination that YHC, Scully, and McGruff did not quite have. Cowboy and Sunshine definitely looked more coordinated.

Dogpile/Reesestrong 5K the Hard Way/Crab Picking/Picnic is on Sep. 16. Contact SubMac.

GoRuck Light same day (Sep. 16) 1400-1900. Contact Mentos.

September Challenge (Quad P) is #Growth. 1 pt. FNG, 1 pt. FNG’s 2nd post, 1 pt. “Kotter” (has not posted in at least 1 month).

2nd F “#FirstThursday” this Thurs. at O’Connor. M’s and 2.0s welcome but do not hesitate to roll solo if they cannot attend. Begins around 1730.




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  1. If that was “less than stellar” I’m not sure I could’ve survived stellar! That beatdown sure seemed to rival my very first F3 post. I think I was still feeling the effects hours later.

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