Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Blowfish, but a Hootie showed up


7 Studs showed up on a wet Sunday morning.

The thang:

Over the bridge to the access road near the river, to Belle Isle, lap around Belle isle, to northbank trail and back to the parking lot.


Great to have Hootie out with us from Charlotte this AM.  He is a great runner and was awesome to have out there with us this morning.  He is running on  a 6 person BRR team next week, so we will hopefully see him next week.

Although Hootie was born in Richmond, he has spent a majority of his life in NC.  That became quite apparent to YHC right from the start.  We all exchanged pleasantries, then Hootie began to describe his purpose for this trip to Richmond and ultimately the river.  After a minute of explanation, YHC turned to Circle k and asked him to translate Hootie’s answer.  Although it was in english, it was with a thick NC accent and many NC colloquialisms.  It reminded me or the show “Moonshiners” where the NC, VA and WV boys dialogue in english is subtitle in english.  (he honestly wasn’t that bad, just want to introduce him to TYA).  Later in the conversation he fought back with many barbs hurled at the Yankee.  Turn about is fair play, and I did start this battle in Richmond VA.

Bleeder took a slightly shorter (or longer) route this morning.  On the way back, he skipped the Belle Isle loop, but took the railroad track back to the pump house.  At one point I think he had to cross a creek or stream and got a bit wet in the process.  Circle K opted of the safe route an took the bike out this morning.  Great example of “active tapering” right there.



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