Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Note to Bleeder: There is F3 in Florence


19 pax met at the ONLY Saturday AO in Florence….hint hint, it is not at SF High.  An unwelcome return to the heat and humidity greeted the pax, especially Lab Rat who left Richmond at 5pm on Friday wearing a light jacket.

THANG: Typical F3 stuff led  by Monkey….who will get continued props from Lab Rat, as he has led every beatdown that Lab Rat has attended in the great city of Florence.  Rumor has it others Q workouts too….but the good ambassador from VA has not seen it.  YHC will spare you the specifics.

NMS:  Great to see some familiar faces when YHC gets to return to his home town in the Deep South.  Monkey, Ginger, and U-Haul stand out.  They welcome me with open arms, by which I mean they give me grief just like the pax in the RVA does.  Lab Rat passed along the need to update the website, as my boy Bleeder posted to Southpaw, which was disbanded a while back.  They are ON IT!  They are also in between backblast sites, so YHC will have to post up on his own if he wants credit in The Big Data.  Great 2nd F afterwards as well, where U-Haul was gracious enough to pick up my tab.  Thanks, my man!

YHC has extended the offer to guest Q next time in town….which they are anxiously awaiting.  Ginger is looking forward to Lab Rat showing him how to do a proper pushup.  Other F3 Richmond custom jobs will be on the Weinke as well, no doubt.

Mumblechatter in Florence is OFF THE CHAIN!  Lab Rat felt right at home.  Thanks to F3 Florence for being awesome hosts.


Lab Rat Apologizes…


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  1. To the PAX in Florence. Although I’m sure he represented us well, I would expect it took some time for him to come out of his shell… : )