Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bringing some new exercises to Cville


Eight eager overachievers, including 2 FNGs, posted to Blackout on a nasty Saturday morning.  55 degrees and rainy, but who doesn’t like playing in the rain…

COP – Disclaimer, 26 SSH, 14 Hand-release merkins, Flutterkicks, Don Qs, Imperial Walkers.

Mosey to Coupon area – collect a coupon and head to field for some new exercises:  25 Squats, Sit-up Presses (increasing from 1 to 10), Boat & Canoe with Cinder Block, 15 more Squats.  Deposit coupon back at drop site.

Head to basketball court for Shoulder Presses.  3 Sets of 15.  Mosey to BT Hill, bear crawl up.  Mosey rest of way to walkway for introduction of Jerkins.  3 sets of Jerkins per man, 8 each set.  head to upper field.  Broad Jump across, 10 Box Jumps, 10 Derkins.  2nd round – Lunge across then 10 WWII Situp, Crab Walk back 20 more WWII.

Circle up for Mary:  Windshield Wipers, Alabama Prom Dates, Freddy Mercurys, then introduce pax to Plerkins: 2 rounds of 10 Derkins on partners back while partner elbow planks.

Mosey back down to lower field.  11s across field of 4 count Mtn Climbers, & 4 count American Hammers.

Circle up for big finish:  Burpee Escalator.  Burpees EMOM, starting at 8, going up to 11 (ran out of time to get 12 per minute).  Back to flag.  COT.

NMS – YHC was unsure how many PAX would show on a soggy wet morning.  YHC was happy that his EH’ed FNG arrived early & ready to go.  Way to work this morning Hooker!  YHC was happy to meet newer Cville pax he had not met yet like Dysentery, The Boss, and Anchorman.  Anchorman posted in cotton sweatshirt and sweatpants,  he was determined to soak up as much water as possible and carry extra weight throughout the beatdown, aye! The PAX got a great start on getting wet with Hand release merkins and Flutterkicks.  A wise old man once remarked “Getting wet sucks, being wet is fine”

The goal of this morning was to pass on more exercises that the Cville PAX has not yet experiened, favorites like Shoulder Presses, Boat & Canoe (with Coupon), Jerkins, and Plerkins.  The Boss turned out to be the Demo partner for all of these.  Mumblechatter on why Boat & Canoe got that name was quickly silenced as the pain set in.   These are some of YHC’s favorites he forgot to do during his previous Q at Blackout.  Finding a spot for Jerkins required some advanced recon of the AO and yet there was a bar right next to the pool, you’re welcome PAX.

Our other FNG arrived during the COP (FNG Epidural) and YHC thought he was a regular as he put in a solid workout.  It is great to see how far Goodwill has come in a short time as YHC was there in his initial post, now he’s up at the front.  The Burpee Escalator is a great way to finish up a beatdown although the PAX only got 8-11 for 4 minutes total.  Getting that 5th minute at 12 Burpees to get to an even 50 Burpees will have to wait for another Q to take on soon.

It is great to see the Cville PAX getting stronger and already well acquitted in the ways of Mumblechatter. Lab Rat would be proud!

Announcements – Mens 4 miler Nov 12th and Bear Creek 10 miler 1st Sunday in December.  Need to get clown car from Cville up to meet up with RVA pax. Football starts today, Go Tribe!


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  1. Im about as close to a HC without being a HC as a man can get for the 4 miler (I’ll check the event coordinator’s schedule). Looking forward to hearing some quality mumblechatter!

    Way to push it, welcome Hooker and Epidural.

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