Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Thursday Timberwolf Beast Mode


Nine bodies arose from the Fartsack this morning to get this Thursday underway!  After the short mosey to the back of the school, COP was underway, then out of the darkness, here comes McRib – glad you made it out buddy!

The Thang




Copperhead Squats




Mosey to the Football field

The Beast – 100 yards, 6 reps every 25 yards, up and back is 1 rotation, total of 6 rotations

Exercise 1 – Merkins

Exercise 2 – Monkey Humpers

Exercise 3 – LBCs

Exercise 4 – Mountain Climbers

Exercise 5 – Freddy Mercury

Exercise 6 – Burpees

Lunge for 25 yards

Mosey to front of school

Triple Check – Run, Incline Merkins, Dips

Mosey to Flag

Mary – Alabama Prom Dates, Hello Dollies

Merkin Ring of Fire


Numberama, Namearama, YHC took us out!

Announcements –

Sept. 30 – Convergence

BRR Next Week

ReeceStrong 5k the hardway – Crab Picking at Circle K’s


It was great to have 9 PAX for a AO that is only 3 weeks old, strong work fellas!  This was YHC first time leading the Beast and I’m glad it went off without a hitch.  Thanks to Honeymoon and Sparky for running a little extra to put out the cones out and Tatu for picking them back up.  All the PAX crushed it.  YHC does apologize for the length of the run during the Triple Check.  I totally misjudged how large the parking lot was, still not sure why a middle school needs that much parking, anyway after some modification on everyones part we were all good.  Total distance was just over 2 miles for the day.  Honored to lead this group of men this morning!  Have a blessed day, please keep Houston in your prayers!






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  1. The “Beast Buffet” as McRib called it did not disappoint and the plush, damp grass made for a nice cushion during the LBC and FM portions. That field could rival NoToll’s fields.

    Thanks for leading us Marmaduke. Nice work and thanks for the fly-bye tour of the AO. I’m still curious to find out what lies in the ultimate darkness beyond the football field….hmmm?

    Also nice to meet Rusty for the first time.

    Well done gents. See you in the gloom.

  2. The BEAST is just plain brutal. Great choice of exercises. It was tough! That triple check run was just fine. Training for BRR for Wilson has begun. Tapering begins on Saturday.

  3. Nice Q Marmaduke! That beast is a mean son of a beast. The burpees made me wish I stayed in the fartsack. Am glad I made it out though to enjoy the always fun camaraderie of SOJ F3.

    Good to see Rusty out there today. He has met Kevin Bacon (aka McRib) many times before as we share a mutual friend.

    Way to crush it today fellas!