Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fun in the gloom


Five men gathered in the cool August gloom. Here is what went down

COP all IC

SSH x 20

Helicopters x 10

APB x 10

DQ x

Arm circles 10 small, five big front and back

11’s (Audible to 9’s for time)

Stump Merkins on bell

Death Crawl to curb

Diamond Merkins on bell

Crawl Death back to start

Kettle Bell pass indian run

PAX lines up

leader passes bell to person behind them and runs to back of line

Half loop with 25 pound

full loop with 35 pound

EMOM 3 rounds each set

First set

Lumber jack one side

8 count goblet squat

lumber jack other side

8 count goblet squats

Second set

Lawnmower one side

8 count high pull

lawnmower other side

8 count high pull

Mosey back to flag



Helix took us out


ReeseStrong 5K – Saturday, September 16 – F3 RVA team is still the largest team.   Kid’s runs start at 8:30 am, 5K starts at 9 am, Crabfest at Circle K’s house starts at 11 am.  To sign up for 5K the Hard Way, see Lab Rat.  F3 members are not required to do it the hard way.  You can run it or walk it as well.  Spectators and volunteers are also needed.

F3 RVA Convergence – September 30 at Gridiron.  The main event is at 7 am.  There is also a bonus bootcamp at 6 am.  To see the Preblast, click here.


it is always a good morning when YHC gets to meet with the PAX. Stump merkins (Horizontal Monkey Humpers) were stolen after Abacus introduced YHC to them at Heavens gate, so if you liked them thank him. There was confusion at the beginning of the Indian run, but once that was resolved the PAX moved right through it. Watching some of the PAX move those weights around, it might be time for some graduation to the next weight.

Thanks for letting me lead




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