Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Secondhand Smoke


6 Redwood’s posted at Bateau for an early morning beatdown.


Mosey to COP

10X Merkins
30X LBC’s
20X Flutter Kicks
20X Inverted Flutter Kicks
20X Side Kicks
10X Don Quixote

Mosey to bottom of hill
Lake Revolution 5 Burpees, 5 Box Cutters alternating every lit light pole

Hill Repeats – 20X Bear Crawl Steps, 20X Lunge, 20X walkout Merkins – 3X

Hill Run to the Light & Back

Lake Revolution 20X Knee Bends,20x LBC’s Alternating every lit light pole

Mosey to Virtual Flag
6 Minutes of Mary (PAX Select): with WWII, APD’s, Wilson Wife Leg Left, Freddie Mercury, 6 inch hold(Swirly Style)

Sippy took us out


With the BRR less than 2 weeks out, YHC only knows that because my calendar say it, not because the blue ridge relay web site has a countdown clock..( why did they take that away!!!) YHC wanted to get a decent workout in, but not kill the PAX in a normal Bleeder style Beatdown.

Hardywood reported that Breaking bread was an awesome experience; If you want to sign up, see Lab Rat.

As the PAX was completing the second revolution around the lake, YHC and Hutton were on about the same pace, Hutton’s breathing style was claimed to be driven by Secondhand smoke when he was a child.

What’s left of Bleeder out!


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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    I can’t believe they took that freaken clock away on the BRR site dude – it’s crazy – TYA and I complained – that site sucks now…
    Hey way to wok this morning guys – great way to start the week.
    Solid Q Bleeder.
    Nothing like a long 6inch hold 🙂
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. I mean holy crap, I like a good sufferfest as much as the next guy. As we ran up the Hill of Ill Repute I thought maybe we do some APD, Superman or something for a group of men with the tank pointing to E. This was not to be the case. Everyone brought their A Game to 5MOM. Swirly brought the A++ game. Holding 6 inches, in cadence is no joke. I was awaiting the sweet relief at 20 count, then 30, then 40. After that everything went black. I’m not exactly sure when rigor mortis sets in, but I think that was the only thing keeping my feet in the air. While I’m glad I completed the exercise, sitting on the toilet has proven to be a challenge today.

    Well done fellas. Be super and help others do the same.

  3. Don’t remember wheezing a day in my life before F3. Not too concerned about it. If I die, I die.

  4. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    6 inches turned me into a mental midget. I was banking on a break at 25 and fell apart. Solid work, boys!