Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

It’s Taper Time!


6 brave souls met up this morning to get in one last big run before the BRR.  A nice break in the temps gave us the push to go a little longer than comfortable.  Here is what’s up:

Route:  Buttermilk to Forest Hill Loop.  Back to Buttermilk, eastbound along the floodwall to Mayo Bridge.  Cross the river to pipeline, home on the North Bank.  THC split the difference in other mileage trackers with 11.6 miles total.

NMS:  A couple of the pax commented to the Q that this was a high-water mark day for them on long runs.  Great job to everybody for pushing it today.  Conversations flowed throughout the pax today.  Best Shot is ramping up his running in a serious way, and is a HC for 2018 BRR.  Everybody else that ran is getting excited and nervous over their BRR legs, so naturally the conversations were BRR-centric.

We picked up a lurker on the floodwall that followed us over to Pipeline and caught up with us while we were taking a dip in the river.  He is going to be stationed at Fort Lee for a few months while taking a class….coming to us from West Point.  We invited him to join us, as he was following us trying to figure out the trails in a new town.  We could not get him to finish with us, therefore no name given as of yet.  Hopefully, he will show up at a workout soon and be an official member.  We had fun bouncing around a few names for him though…

Great job today.


Lab Rat apologizes…


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  1. Was thinking about you all as I logged my measly 1.5 today.

    Sounds as though I will have to be moving the van quickly from one leg to another just to keep up with everyone. Well done Gents!

  2. Strong work today and thanks for the mikes I enjoyed the beatdown! Monday run will be fun….

  3. Some dude passed me coming into Maymont. Just as I was about to try to drop into 2nd gear to keep up, something stung me on the leg. My leg’s been swelling up all day. TYA, I don’t think I can do the BRR…

  4. I can barely walk today – you have two weeks man. Put some ice on it and if they don’t amputate it you are good to go ????? I will pass the epi-pen to you when I pass the braclet ?

  5. Straight up, there have been a LOT of hornet stings on the trails over the last couple weeks. There is a nest in a bad location somewhere.

    TYA is going to kick you in the nuts you keep joking about dropping….especially after making a special request to have the F3 Uber pick you up.