Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Return to Riverside


Route – From Pump House parking lot, cross bridge and climb hill to top. Cross road to Riverside Drive and run Riverside Drive to Reedy Creek.  Return to Pump House parking lot.

Total mileage – 4.5 to 7.5

Per normal operating instructions, the PAX did whatever they wanted too.  Just get the miles and hills in was the motto for the workout.  Bleeder and Theta showed up early to get a 4.5 miles.  TYA ran past Reedy creek to stretch the run to 5 miles.  Swirly, Circle K and Swiper added some distance to the end of the run.  Gomer Pyle climbed off a plane and proceeded to Hillcrest (nobody there).  Gomer checked f3rva.org and found out we moved Rollercoaster.  He was not sure of the route so he ran Buttermilk to North Bank for 7 plus.

Great 2nd F following the run.  It was a pleasure having a run without the humidity.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead and change the location.

Circle K


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  1. Glad to see Gomer’s name in the pax, even if he ran solo. Way to get it in, guys.

    FYI, the word of the change in AO was on the Twitter feed. Just sayin

  2. The trails were strangely quiet. Two pairs, four solos and four cyclists in 7 miles.

    A little slippery after the rain but…

    A clean run this time.