Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Intervals For Miles


4 Warriors came out for a little change of pace at Green Acres. The SF was planted around 5:26, Phonic pulled up at 5:29, then the PAX headed out for a little run.


10 minutes of warm up pace then start interval running for 30 minutes. Complete 3 minutes at around 5k pace (7:30/mile average pace), then 2 minutes at slow down pace (9:30/mile average pace). Rinse and Repeat. Halfway through hit the trails/hills.

Wrap up with 3 laps around the bus loop at 50%, 75%, and finally 100% pace.

Total miles: 4.75 (Phonic was over 5 miles)


As of last night no one had signed up to Q the AO. YHC never likes seeing this so decided to take it and make it a running day. When YHC arrived, Scully and EF Hutton were already waiting in the parking lot. After the disclaimer was giving about running with no objection we got to work.

YHC made sure to stay out in the open fields/roads until the there was a little more light. As Phonic always like say that no one every gets injury at boot camp workout, only during the runs. So always a good idea to stay safe.

While heading to the back of the park down the road, a cat decided to follow us for about 1/4 mile. Phonic was worried it may have been another skunk sight.

Glad to have EF Hutton join us today. Good luck finishing out your month of hitting every AO.


  • First Thursday @ DaVille on Sept 7th. Any ideas for what we should do? Basketball?
  • Reese Strong 5K 9/16 – Click this link to sign up:
  • F3RVA Crab Fest 9/16 (right after Reese Strong) Circle K’s See Pre-Blast
  • Convergence on 9/30 – Be ready for a hot potato




  1. Thank you for taking the lead today Spit. Enjoyed the run. Great seeing Hutton today. 2nd trip to Green Acres for a non-Davillian is impressive.