Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

An even dozen run to Cary Street Road


A dozen strong and fleet posted on a Tuesday morning at U of R.  Mid 70’s , medium humidity…not terrible for an August morning in Richmond.

The Thang:

Run past the commons, take a left and follow the road to the main UR entrance.  Take a right onto Boatwright, right onto Three Chopt access road,  left on Grove.  4 milers turn around at Rosslyn Rd.  5 milers take a right on Oak and run to intersection of Oak and Cary (Street Road) and turn around, 6 milers continue on to Hillcrest, run the Hillcrest loop and then everyone reconvene at the lake.


Ok, no real reason for this rant, but what the hell.  What is it with Richmond and its naming of Roads.  The actual name of the roads are fine.  Cary, Broad, Hull, all acceptable names for roads.  But the Richmonders could not just leave well enough alone. For some unknown reason, they could not settle on whether it was a street, road, boulevard, lane, avenue, or whatever.  So, they picked two and called them Street Roads.  WTF is a “street road”.  You only get to choose one.  No cheating and picking two, it makes no sense  What are we going to have next, a “lane boulevard road”.  Honestly, there is absolutely no justification for this.  It was probably started by the same people who name their daughter with the same name as the mother or the people that give their children two first name ala Mary Dutton.  Mary and Dutton are two separate names.  You can’t just add them together and make one name out of it. Lets get back to reality folks.

Renaldo joined us for the Tuesday run for the first time.  Renaldo is joining us of the BRR and it was good to have him out there today.  He had a little bit of a problem finding the starting point (he was probably on boatwright ave road instead of boatwright road).  Lug walked him into the lake area and although he was a few minutes late, the regulars waited for him to start.

Theta joined us for the beginning of the run and was absent at the end.  When she was less than a mile from her house, she decided to continue on and go home.   Honeydo took the opposite approach and ran to and from the AO this morning.



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  1. There is an answer to the question as the Cary Street Road has Street and Road int he name. The original name was Cary Street that was within the city limits. As Richmond spread into what is now the suburbs, the name changed from Cary Street to Cary Street Road at the City/county line.

    Enjoyed reading the rant.

  2. Does Honeyed roll up to Honeydo in Big Data? Did not run to the AO and back to get shorted in BD…
    Forgot to menton most of the Pax had on headlamp, LabRat would be pleased.

  3. For the record I believe it is Ronaldo (some soccer player dude). I really appreciated the 4 mile loop explanation….do whatever you want! Copy that!

  4. THE Yankee Aggressor on

    Thanks or the explanation. Although it makes a little sense, the emphasis is on little. I still think the double naming thing is BS.