Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Back to the gloom for BRR training


Four BRR runners emerged in the gloom for a Sunday trail run.

The Thang:

Southside to T. Pottersfield bridge to northside and back to the pump house.  A little over 7 miles for the loop.


Weather was sticky but not overwhelming the morning.  Temps in the mid to high 70’s to start and given that the days highs were only in the low 90’s things were tolerable.  Even so, most runners ended the run shirtless (Oh, the humanity).  Shakedown lost his glasses somewhere after the finish of the run.  He was explaining this to us at the second F at Ellwoods, then he reached down to his shorts and found the glass tucked in his waist band.  After he discovered them missing when he was on his way to ell woods, he returned to the pump house to see if he could find them….Glad he found them, but pretty funny.

Once a month there is a group that runs from the pump house at 8am.  For some reason, they guy who leads the run finds it necessary to brink his gas powered blower to the parking lot and blow the rocks.  It honestly does not seem to accomplish anything, but he brings it everytime.  One thing he does accomplish each time is to completely piss off Lab Rat.  For some reason, this one mans obsession becomes another mans pet peeve.  I am no Freud, but Id love to find out what happened to lab rat as a child that caused this reaction.

Nice smooth run this morning for YHC and all others.  Nothing really of note on the trails.  Looking forward to the weather turning and the humidity leaving.



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  1. Come on, there is NO WAY that Im alone thinking this guy is completely ridiculous! I have several things I would like to say about that blower, but I dont want to get too blue in print. Let’s just say that yes, it does piss me off. Now, if he really wants to get something done, North Bank needs some weed whacking around the kudzu hill….that is starting to creep in.

    Great run today! Everybody have a good week. Happy training!

  2. So which Sunday of the month is it? I have a leaf blower … maybe I can show up with mine and undo all The “work” that Mr. Stihl does.