Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Do you have a Dorsal Fin?


Three gentlemen + their finest gathered in the gloom for a 2.0 friendly workout.  Huddle around the second flag while the 6:00 crew finished then along our merry way we went.

SSH x20
Arm Circles x10
Don Quixotes x10
Copperhead Squats x10
LBCs x15

The Thang
Touch a Tree – Gather near our favorite forest for three iterations of touch a tree.  2.0s start by running to touch 3 trees while the 1.0s perform lunges.  Switch and repeat.  Increase to 4 and 5 trees.

Sharks and Minnows – Not all of the 2.0s knew what Pacman was so we opted for the similarly executed sharks and minnows.  2.0s started as minnows and had to bear crawl across the field.  1.0s were sharks and had to crab walk.  Switch back and forth a few times between 2.0s and 1.0s.

Carillon Relay – 2.0s run up the Carillon counter clockwise then back down while the rest of the PAX completed Carolina Dry Docks.  Switch and repeat.  Complete 3 rounds.

Breakfast Burpees x5

Field Exercises – Convene back on the field and complete 2 jump squats at every other tree to the end of the field.  Adults piggy back ride their 2.0s back to the other end of the field.

Animal Kingdom – 2.0s call out their favorite animal.  PAX must then traverse to the other side of the field demonstrating the form of said animal.  Bonus points to the PAX who gave audible representations of the animal.  Animals were:  Dolphin, Cheetah, Shark, Monkey, Frog and Duck.

Breakfast Burpees x5

Hop, skip or mosey back to the flag for 3 MOM including American Hammers, LBCs and a final round of Superman.  YHC took us out.

YHC wasn’t certain anyone else was going to appear this week for Puppy Pile.  Luckily Loose Goose appeared with his 2.0 FNG then Oyster and his 2.0 came in hot but right on time.  Welcome Freestyle!

The 2.0s showed extremely strong today.  The creativity during Animal Kingdom was downright hilarious.  Seeing a group of grown men try to swim like a dolphin in the field was a sight.  YHC saw a few random park goers stroll by with some strange looks but then smiling once they realized kids were involved.

Breakfast burpees were a suggestion from Oyster.  His 2.0 kept asking when they were eating breakfast.  As punishment the PAX had to do 5 burpees every time someone asked about breakfast.  After 2 punishments no one asked about breakfast.

Working out with 2.0s is always a pleasure.  Less about the workout and more about family time.  Great work everyone.

YHC hopes this continues to be a regular occurence.  Remember, 3rd Saturday of the month at 7:00 @ Dogpile.

Splinter out.



  1. Sounds great. I’m in for this and my 6 year old 2.0 after the half marathon training team. Splinter one of these days we’re bound to be at the same workout.