Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Miracle Mile


7 faithful boot campers and 1 rogue runner posted for an empty Q sheet TwinTeam beat down.  As everyone rolled in no one claimed the Q so YHC took over and the fun began.


Mosey to the bus loop turnaround for warm up of SSH, Helicopters, Imperial walkers,  alternating shoulder taps,  FK and hand release merkins.

Mosey to the hill beside the school for Jacobs ladder.  1 burpee at the top,  1 merkin at the bottom,  repeats to 7.  Across the field for pole smoker Indian run x3.  

To the track for a Miracle Mile.  25 merkins run a lap,  25 squats – lap,  25 plank jacks – lap, 25 freddie mercuries – lap.  Mosey to the pull up bars.  5 pull ups,  run to sidewalk 10 box cutters,  repeat,  add 10 monkey humpers.  Mosey back stopping for a quick bear crawl across part of the field.   Mary and ring of fire.


At 0528 it was Tobit, YHC and the 2 2nd timers, the other 4 rolled in with little time to spare.   YHC was hoping someone signed up to Q but it stayed blank overnight so YHC took the lead.  Great to see Reservoir and Jenny Craig out for a second post this week.  Hope Reservoir’s back is doing alright, he smartly modified the Miracle Mile to reduce the pain.  When YHC told everyone to ‘grab a pole’ and Reservoir proclaimed “Not the first time I’ve heard that”.  We appreciate the candor but we don’t need all the secrets of your personal life, at least not week 1.  Jenny Craig crushed the Jacobs ladder and told YHC that F3 should help him mix it up with his football playing teens at practice.  Mr. Roper continues to roll strong in crocs and has developed an innate ability to tune out Honeymoon’s EHing for him to take a Q.  He’ll come around soon enough. Honeymoon reluctantly gets Big data credit for posting but running since it is BRR season.  We may need a corporate ruling on whether that will fly after BRR.

YHC threw in some running as encouragement for those on the #runningsucks bandwagon to sign up for a Q.  Tobit is not in that crowd he seemed to especially love the Miracle Mile, running away from the PAX.  We’re going to have some fun with his Qs coming up.  The Miracle Mile was an on the fly activity this morning but will certainly make a comeback, maybe with varying reps   It was a pleasure to introduce some of the more awkward looking exercises to the 2 newer PAX.  Box cutters, Monkey Humpers, Rosalitas and APDs are all spectator favorites I am sure, I cannot confirm since I am usually a doer not an observer.

A pleasure to lead this group of men as we head into the weekend.  As mentioned in the COT, here is a link to the suggested reading from our brothers in Charlottesville.  http://f3rva.org/2017/08/16/darkness-cannot-drive-out-darkness-only-light-can-do-that/


  • Puppy Pile tomorrow 0700
  • Price increase at Reese Strong tomorrow – sign up now
  • Sept. 30 convergence – Jville has the lead
  • DK is coordinating his Survivor Pool again, see him to sign up.  Those running the BRR can rest easy that they won’t be browbeat into joining while in the van this year.

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  1. Thanks for taking the Q Rosie! Great beat down to start the weekend off. Glad to see the 2 newbies return for their second post! See ya in the gloom!

  2. Great Q Rosie….I definitely enjoyed the Miracle Mile! I’m thinking it may show up at another AO in the not too far future.