Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Backblasts might be on “Beach Time” here on The Strand


13 regulars and one Richmonder (repping his WDog shirt) posted in the gloom for Blackbeard’s Revenge. Here’s how it went down in 80 degree heat and 89% humidity.

Since it might be that Cheezy Biscuit — the Q at Blackbeard at F3GrandStrand on Thursday — had such a good birthday (and birthday Q) it might be that the Thursday backblast for Blackbeard is MIA in all the tomfoolery. Knowing that any good F3er never leaves anyone behind, YHC’s muggy and sweaty descriptions will have to suffice to make sure we’re on the right side of Corporate.  Let’s face facts fellas … Corporate’s Big Data initiative is a cruel, Cruel, CRUEL mistress.

Slaughter start

COP – Super Rapid SSHs (31), IW, Merkins (31), arm circles, reverso ACs, other stuff. Lots of sand.

Mosey around the AO and back to the baseball field for Burpee Diamond. 10 burpees at 1st base, 10 burpees at second, 10 burpees at third, 1 burpee (for a total of 31) at home. Lots of sand. Lots of sweating.

Baseball diamond for Four Corners Escalator. Run around the diamond stopping at each base for 10, 10, 10 & 1 for a total of 31 of each exercise (Cheezy’s new age – HATE!) adding a new exercise to the count each time around for arms, core and legs.  Lots of sand. Lots of sweating. Lots of howling.

Arms: 1: Merkins, 2: Carolina Drydocks, 3: Newton’s Cradle
Core: 1: LBCs, 2: Crunchy Frogs, 3: ???
Legs: 1: Squats, 2: Lunges, 3: Leg Lifts
Lots of sand. Lots of sweating. Lots of howling. GOOD GRIEF WHY AM I STEAMING IN 84 DEGREE HEAT AND 90% HUMIDITY??

Mosey back to the flag for some final exercises & Mary.

Numberama, Name-a-rama, Announcements, a birthday cake for Cheezy, and someone took us out.


It’s HOT here.  Hot and humid. Hot and humid and super sandy. While the sand doesn’t really matter (although Anakin disagrees), the heat and humidity adds a whole other element to the workout that YHC has not been used to, even in Richmond.

While Myrtle Beach is not this New York boy’s **ahem** preferred beach vacation destination, the PAX of F3 Grand Strand are just as solid as our Richmond brothers and have made a trip to the Redneck Riviera with YHC’s in laws immensely more tolerable. Meeting folks like OneCall, Spinal Tap, Say What?, Bidet, Bob the Builder, the aforementioned Cheezy and the unstoppable 69 year old (AND GOING STRONG!) Papa Smurf has made for a fantastic week.

Should your travels take you to the Strand, be sure not to miss out on the fun of this F3 Group!


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  1. Nice work Viral. There was a Bob the Builder at Timeshare a few weeks ago with me and LabRat. Is he summering at the beach?

  2. Thanks Offshore! If he’s the same guy he never said he’s been to the Richmond AOs, but I guess that’s a common name for General Contractors.

  3. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Love it, Viral! I have to ask, and not because I’m jealous or anything, or, you know, wondering where you’re working out, but did you happen to do any partner leg presses down there?