Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

PRE-Blast Puppy Pile 8/19/17


The second “Puppy Pile” is set to kick off at 7am this Saturday after Dog Pound. If you aren’t familiar with “Puppy Pound” it is a 2.0 centered workout…so bring your kids and we’ll go for an hour. As of right now, we are doing it the third Saturday of each month, right after Dog Pile. We started it in July and it was a ton of fun…definitely quality time with the 2.0s.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotta get out of town this Saturday. Can anyone commit to hot potato-ing it from 7-8? I think we are going to have a good crew out there as it was very well received last month.

If you can take an exercise or two, please post below so we know that there will be someone there to lead the 2.0s through the gloom.



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  1. I think the others at Dogpile and GridIron have been an hour but we could make Puppy Pile 45 for the kids.

  2. Unfortunately we are out of town again and will be out of town for the September edition as well. Southpaw’s younger brother has been looking forward to participating.