Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No, I insist, you take it


A PAX of six posted in the sticky gloom for this morning’s offering of Circus Maximus.  YHC spent yesterday riding 8 hours for a 1 hour event, but noticed the Q slot was empty as of early last night so I’d thought through a workout idea but neglected to sign up last night.  Johnsonville, acting much more responsibly, signed up late last night to Q, but conceded the Q to YHC after a brief discussion in the shiny new Mills Godwin parking lot.  Thank you Jville.

Other CM regulars emerged from their vehicles, including Earthworm (not sporting an F3 shirt) and Attila (sounding ready for the new work gig to start on Monday).  Loose Goose arrived next – glad to see him at the Circus.  Flip Phone parked the car just as the first exercise was called.

We circled up, with our kettlebells, around parking space #160 and started in with Imaginary Jump Ropes x 36 (allowing time for Flip Phone to make it to the circle), Don Quixotes x 12, Imperial Walkers x 12, Russian Soldiers x 12, Arm Circles x 18 – forward and back.

Starting in the same spot, initiate AMRAP sequence completing Kettlebell Swings x 12, Situps with Presses x 12, Burpees x 6, and, moving to the school wall, Donkey Kicks x 12.  Repeat OYO for 12 minutes.

Stroll, kettlebell free, to parking space x144 for LBCs x 144.

Back to the weights for another AMRAP sequence with Kettlebell Snatch x 6 per side, Halos x 6 clockwise and counterclockwise, Hammer-Style Two-Handed Curls x 12, and 12 Second Kettlebell Hold from People’s Chair position.  Repeat OYO for 9 minutes.

Stroll, again weight free, to parking space x144 for Alabama Prom Dates x 144.

Once again, to the weights for Lawnmower Pulls x 6 each side, Pullovers x 6, and Skull Splitters x 6.  Complete three rounds taking about 4 minutes.  Finish with a couple of minutes of stretches.

COT – numbers and names and announcements and Earthworm took us out.  Nice job fellas.

Announcements – 1)  Convergence on September 30th – workouts starting at 6 and 7 AM – show for part or all – Q responsibilities to be shared by F3 Richmond geographic groups, dividing the time in quarters;  2)  ReeseStrong 5K on September 16th – price increase August 19th, so sign up soon – followed by F3 RVA Crab Fest at Circle K’s house; and 3) BRR September 8th and 9th – there may be some running slots available.



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  1. Question about the kettle bell workout – I’m assuming it’s BYOKB. Is that right? Do y’all have any loaners for someone who wants to try it out but doesn’t have kettle bells?

  2. Glad Jville can share the Q. Valet several of the CM regulars have a loaner Kettlebell. However remember to ask nicely or you could end ip.with a 40 lb one.