Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Doggie Daycare


Ten Spider Run regulars convened to take a slice out of the humidity this morning.  No one signed up so YHC tossed out a half-baked route he had been thinking about for a while.  Results were mostly inconsistent with design.  Route was intended to be:

General idea was to use Westham Pkwy as the artery and the other roads as the capillaries, always returning to Westham if you take an offshoot.  Specific instructions were:

Work our way to Lakewood.  Six milers do an extra loop, everyone else run up Lakewood to Westham.  Everyone goes left on Westham.  5 & 6 milers take a right on Lakewood to Forest and return to right on Westham.  Left on University down to College.  Return to Westham.  5 & 6 milers cross Westham, taking University to Ridge.  Return to right on Westham.  Left on Pinetree to University and return.  5 & 6 cross Westham on Pinetree to Ridge.  Return to right on Westham.  Left on Glen Pkwy to the bottom and return to Westham.  Left on Westham and left on Club Vista.  Left on College and right meandering through Westhampton back to the VSF.

I now acknowledge that this was a little too complex.  Hey, I had 5 minutes to prepare.

Nothing went right.  Some of the 5 milers stuck with the route, some didn’t.  4 Milers did their own thing and then one was lost.  The 6 milers and a few of the 5 milers picked up 2 dogs along the way.  Swiper being the swiper he is attempted to corral the dogs in a white picket fence while Marv contacted the owner of the dogs.  Neither of those were successful.  Off we went to attempt to return the dogs to their home.  We made it back to the point where the dogs led the way and they found their owner.

Post run, Marv received a text informing us that there were 3 dogs.  Sorry dude, we did more then was customary in this situation.  Kudos to Swiper for being the Samaritan.

Apologies to all for the scattered route and logistics.  In the end, all 10 returned so YHCs job was done.

Splinter out.



  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Hey way to step up Splinter !
    Good job pax – way to push..
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Update from the PAX. According to a text I received at 7:50 this morning, the owners found the third dog…Possum…and all is well. Possum is apparently deaf, and is also gifted with one of the worst dog names in the history of canines. Splinter, well done on the route…it was nice to mix it up, meet two new dogs, see Fudd’s House, get to know the ‘hood a bit more and to sweat about 19lbs off. See ya’ll in the Gloom.