Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Random thoughts from DaVille


15 regulars posted in the gloom on a muggy morning for the DaVille version of a beatdown.  This is what we did:

Mosey to middle school fottball field for COP, stopping a few times for merkins x 5 OYO.  COP consisted of Invisible Jumpropes x 20, Helicopter x 20, DQ x 20.

Short mosey to track for Dora 123.  Partner up and as a team complete the following exercises, Merkins x 100, LBCs x 200, Squats x 300.  Both partners perform the exercises, while Partner 1 completes 10 merkins, other partner holds plank, switch, repeat until arrive at desired number.  Then both partners run the track at the same time.  Same thing for LBCs where partners hold feet six inches and Al Gore hold for the squats.

Mosey to middle school bball courts, stopping a couple of times for merkins x 5 OYO.  Regular suicides and Reverse suicide.

Forms teams of three for Triple Check.  BTTW, WWII situps and run to far end of bball courts.  Repeato until each team member has completed each station three times.

Back to bball courts for bear crawl suicide and crab walk suicide.  Mosey to front of high school for 5MOM, stopping a couple of times for merkins x5 OYO and dips x 5 OYO.

5MOM – Exercises included APD, LBCs, Flutterkicks, Freddie Mercuries, Hold feet six inches.

Mosey back to flag, planted by Lab Rat as he arrived late and did not know where to park.  (YHC forgot his flag at home, thanks LR)

Numberama, Namearama, Spit took us out with a prayer.


Reesestrong 5 K, 9.16.2017.  See phonics for details.  Crabs, coldbeer, college football afterwards at Circle Ks house.

NMS – Random thoughts from this morning:

Damn Humid

Great to see EF Hutton as he visits every F3RVA AO in the month of August

Days are getting shorter

YHC is awful at bear crawls and even more awful at crabwalk

LR was late, but brought the chatter eventually.

Got a Hi Roger (Mike) from a lady from AEG gymnastics.  Lab Rat was shocked YHC did not know her dog’s name.

Slash and LP team up for the Dora and killed it.  (PAX got beat by two 8 year olds)  YOU AGAINST YOU, right???

Suicides are fun.

Great words this morning from Spit.

The PAX crushed it this morning.

Damn Humid

Circle K


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  1. Solid beatdown this morning Circle K. Liked the Hilton Head version of Dora. Great to see Hutton at DaVille.

  2. What a beatdown this morning Circle K. Glad to have you back Qing in Daville!! Looking forward to Green Acres!!