Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

We Are All SOJ


Well, YHC was raised in Georgia and Alabama, so perhaps that is qualification enough to closeout SOJ week.

A PAX of one posted just before 0615, cursing TYA because posting at 0615 on a Sunday is no joke.  Mosey to Texas Beach, stopping to chat with the Jazz Fest volunteer and to visit the blue box along the way, and back.  Stretch 0657 to 0702, then mosey to Buttermilk, somewhere between Reedy Creek and Belle Isle, and back.  Saab must have run through too early again, because the spiders seemed to have had time to resume their work.

A tip for future travelers: if you are sweaty and in the middle of a run, don’t put TP down on the seat of the blue box and expect to leave it all there.  No, sir, that dog don’t hunt.  Better to wipe the seat and take your chances, or… pull a Fudd.

To celebrate the end of SOJ week, YHC recommends reading The Creek BB and comments about what it means to be SOJ.  Classic.


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  1. Although I had briefly considered posting on anticipation I would be the only PAX and therefore log a Q (WAB…Walk Around Buttermilk), I’m glad you represented Offshore. Well done.