Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Reverse Setaukit AKA Do What?


Thirteen men rolled out of the sack to enjoy a Friday morning run.

The thang: Repeat Lockjaw’s ‘Setaukit’ route from last Friday but in reverse.


Aye! YHC thought this would be much easier than it was. 15 PAX handled this route flawlessly last week, so just reverse it and those who didn’t know the path could partner up, even though there were many turns involved. Only YHC and Marv made it through the designed course, but one way or another everyone got their miles in. Props to Lockjaw commandeering the PAX through the normal route on a weekly basis. YHC will work on his run Q leadership skills as mentioned in the prayer.

Welcome Bronson ‘Paris’ to F3RVA.

Announcements – BRR coming up soon! May need more runners as a few have dropped out. Reesestrong 5K/cold beers and crabs Sept 16th.



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  1. Wedding Singer on

    Updated/edited. Forgot to add the PAX names and introduce Paris. Also forgot Saab’s kid’s name if anyone has it.

  2. Valet was there too! Great run, thanks for leading us Wedding Singer. I’ll try to be more memorable at my next workout 🙂

  3. Surprised but not too surprised when I saw the PAX return early due to getting “lost”. Lockjaw will need to continue with this route until everyone (including Saab) gets through it without incident.

    Spackler is the name…as in Carl…as in the grounds-keeper in a beloved dramedy, played by a well known Chicago Cubs fan.