Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

South Side Takeover Week Continues with a NEW AO!


NINE men went into the unknown today! The goal was to test a potential new AO. The test was successful and a NEW South Side AO has been determined. We are proud to present Timberwolf to the RVA PAX. It is at Tomahawk Middle School. The grounds offer everything the RVA F3 PAX would expect. I am sure once corporate attends he will approve.

Next Thursday 8/17 will be the inaugural workout led by Sparky. When the New Market Crew started discussing finding a new AO we threw out a ton of places, but once we decided to try Tomahawk Middle, Sparky was all over wanting to lead the test & inaugural workout. Way to step up Sparky.

The test was successful, so much the workout lasted an HOUR. With ZERO complaints. Normally this is when YHC would outline the workout, but not this time………… up next Thursday for a 45 minute version of today. It was a serious beating leaving all 9 men gasping for air.

You decide for yourselves if Timberwolf will be a success. All you have to do is show up next week.

As football is getting started, I wanted to share some highlights of the Bills 90’s run. They made the dynasty list………you decide.


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  1. Great beat down Sparky. I look forward to many more from you! Great work men and welcome to Rusty!

  2. Great job guy. Looking forward to next week. Happy to see Buzz Kill came back out, it’s been a while.