Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

SOJ Favorites @ 45MOMM



16 regulars and 1 FNG posted for a beautiful morning in the near West End.  The fields of Mary Munford were closed but the PAX was not deterred.  The beatdown went something like this:

Slaughter Start – 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey around full, long blocks

Circle up for COP: SSH, DQs, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Crab Cakes, Bob & Weaves

Mosey to fields only to discover they are closed.  Audible to Tennis Courts.  Partner up for Darrell Greens – 1st partner starts in merkin position, 2nd partner sprints to end.  Upon starting, partner on the ground performs a merkin and sprints to try to catch partner 2.  Repeato x 4

Slow it down for the Human Centipede – groups of 4 – 6 plank head to foot, guy in back bear crawls to front, resume plank.  Repeato until group reaches the end

Partner up for 2 more Darrell Greens

Mosey around fence to basketball courts for Space Invaders – majority of PAX lines up as aliens in horizontal columns and Bob & Weaves left and right, shooters line up 20 yards back and lunge in a straight line trying to tag an alien without reaching out.  If tagged, alien becomes a shooter.  If missed, shooter does 10 burpees.  Repeato x2

Partner up in groups of 3 for Triple Check – donkey kick, plank, run to fence and back

Circle up for 4 min of Mary – LBCs, Capital Letters, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers, X’s & O’s

Mosey back to flag

COT – Bleeder took us out

Naked Moleskin

Wow…the PAX accomplished a lot this morning…more than YHC had planned.  The Triple Check and Mary were audibles.  YHC pulled some new things out of the bag while bringing back some SOJ favorites (slaughter start, crab cakes, x’s & o’s, darrell greens).

This was definitely the first time YHC remembers a member of the PAX trying to carry on a conversation with the Q while he’s counting cadence.  TYA wasn’t phased by the fact that YHC was counting out Russian soldiers when engaging in preseason NFL smack talk.  Like his Patriots, and in true Agressor form, TYA must think the rules and etiquette don’t apply to him.

Seriously, Saab, when was the last time you crossed the river that didn’t involve traveling to an F3 workout?

6 sprints are 6 too many, especially if you partner up with Oyster.  Dude has wheels…and finally caught YHC on the last Darrell Green.  Well done, sir.

Space Invaders was good fun.  YHC had considered bringing water balloons but didn’t want to deal with cleaning up the mess.  We played 2 rounds.  Round 1 starting shooters were those living SOJ.  Round 2 starting shooters were anyone who had been part of an F3 Podcast, which ended up being 80% of the PAX.  Impressive.

Lots of mumblechatter today, especially when the PAX was circled up.  The Capital Letters shut everyone up quickly…followed by the X’s & O’s with a dead silent, slow 10-count by Swirly to end things in X formation.

Welcome to Kubrick!  Way to crush the workout this morning.

Peace, Love & Hail to the Redskins tonight!



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  1. TYA asking me “Do you really think the Redskins have a chance?” after the workout is just hurtful. Why be such a grandstander, TYA? Could be a sneaky good season for the burgandy and gold. Either way, I’ll be pulling for the Bills, Dolphins or Jets in the AFC East.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Hail to the Redskins Bro ! Good Q DK.
    Darrell Greens are always tough – man I’m feeling that…
    Enjoyed Space Invaders – bet that makes a come back …
    See y’all in the gloom.

  3. Huh… I mean what in the heck have the Patriots done lately anyway… I mean sure they are Wicked Awesome , but HTTMFR till the day I die DK. Great Beat down…. always good to sprint with someone chasing you.. takes it to another gear.

  4. Great Q DK. Way to push it Marv. Only Don Bebe could have caught you today. My legs are smoked!

    Dominate your Thursday.

  5. Well done DK, that’s the first conversation I have seen the Q have while brilliantly counting cadence!

  6. I will take that as a subtle invitation to visit SOJ (where I first planted my proverbial and literal seed when landing in Richmond)….Note: I did visit Crossroads the other day and it was quite nice…

    Call it a coincidence, but so concludes the first “pain-free” day I’ve experienced since knee surgery. I attribute that to DK’s skilled beatdown this morning – perhaps.

    Great work today Last Call….enjoyed the partnership.

    The think about being the “six” is you get a different view of things…some good, and some involving someone who needs to either wear longer shirts or pull up their shorts.

    Saab is attempting to abide.

  7. Great Q today, DK!

    I still can’t get the image of Flashdance showing up in the mirror behind me when I say Carolina Dry Docks 3X. 😀