Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A super power or some folk hero like John Henry


7 PAX members posted at Circus Maximus on a cool early morning.  We were greeted by a new FNG as he came running through the tall pines.  He appeared to be like some super power or some folk hero like John Henry.  Yes, the looks of a “steel-driving man”.  His name was BO. He had no kettlebell in his hand but was willing to run home and grab his 53-lb. KB. Mudface was quick to put him in his place by offering him his 10-lb. starter bell.  Offshore claims he met Bo about 6 months ago and told him all about the workout. Well, maybe not the most important part, the kettlebell.

Here’s how it went down:

Warmup started with 25 SSH, arm circles, helicopters one direction, Alabama prom dates, plank challenge, dirty dog or somebody’s wife, wind mills, and one round of rotate your kettlebell around the PAX circle so everyone could enjoy a heavy KB during  our favorite “Boat- Canoe”.

A short mosey in the parking lot to start an abbreviated beast with snatches, burpees, halos, sit & presses, squat & presses, lawn mower rows both sides.

Not sure why, but the mumble chatter was excessive and coming from everyone this morning. Some of it was focused towards Hoops and Cletus, who was given a brief education on terminology APD’s and dirty dogs.

Come to find out, Bo’s full name is Robert “ Bo”  Lewis Nixon Wren III, we named him “Daisy”. He came up from Georgia to Baltimore and then to Richmond on the CSX railroad. Yep, some kind of train engineer.  Off shore knew all about his friend and even told us about Bo’s nine-month-old son and 4-year-old lab.

Hoops still isn’t sure if Gumbo exist, we hope you come back to the CM.

The 45-minute workout went by in a flash, hope everyone got their own deserved beat down.

Attila took us out


Convergence at the Gridiron on September 30th – 6 am and 7 am workouts: bring the numbers


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