Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

MudFace FartSacks his Own Back Yard


Six of the faithful posted at #MannDate on a dark, humid morning with kettlebells in hand. Johnsonville, visiting from southside, took the Q and this is how things went down, more or less:


Extended warmup with 50x ssh, 50x LBC, 50x arm circles front, 50x arm circles back, pickle pounders, and crab cakes

DORA (extended) pairing up, with one man running the parking lot loop (about 230m I would guess) and one man performing the kettlebell exercises. Once the runner returned, the pair flip flopped maintaining aggregate counts. The DORA exercises were:

50x sit and press
100x lawnmower pulls
150x goblet squats
200x two arm swings
250x tricep press
300x halos

COT with YHC taking us out.


It was good to visit a new AO, especially one at the opposite end of RVA from YHC.

MudFace had been talking up #MannDate months, claiming that the #CircusMaximus PAX had a lot of catching up to do to rival #MannDate’s intensity. YHC was excited to come up to MudFace’s back yard and see that intensity first hand. The PAX was eager and welcoming, and certainly delivered an awe-inspiring level of intensity. But, all of that intensity was delivered sans MudFace.

Emoji said that he heard Mudface was planning to watch a Twilight marathon on A&E the night before. I guess that must have been pretty scary with all those scantily-clad vampires running around making out with each other. In any case, MudFace stayed in the old FS.

All in all, it was a good road trip and a great morning feel the F3 gloom. See ya in the gloom.



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  1. Great Q today Johnsonville. Had never been to a KB workout before. More running than I expected which was fine with me. Have really enjoyed the SOJ take over this week.

  2. It figures that i lose the fight to the FS on a day when J-Ville does a guest Q and Phonics makes it out to a kettle bell workout.
    Looks like i missed a good one. In my defense, they were VERY scantily clad vampires

  3. J-Ville looks like a great beatdown!! Sorry that I had to miss it! Hopefully one day I will meet up with you for KB workout!!