Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Bad Day to Forget Gloves at Punisher


Six of the faithful posted to Punisher this morning on the first of seven days of the southside takeover special event. Johnsonville took Q, and this is what went down, more or less:


slaughter starter (20 burpees)
50x ssh
50x LBCs
Merican countdown (10x wide mericans , 9x regular, 8x diamond, 7x wide, etc. to 1x)
arm circles 20x front, 20x back

mosey onto grass out front for COP
25x pickle pounders
25x imperial walkers
25x partner leg tosses
25x crabcakes

native American run clockwise around school to bus loop
classic curb crawl up to 5 and back to 1
plank sequence

mosey to basketball court.
from end line, crab walk to far end line
feet-first crab back.
plank sequence

mosey to soccer field
elevens along length with mericans and LBCs

native American run clockwise around school to big brick wall out front
20x donkey kicks against wall
bunny hop about 40 yards to other side of lawn
karaoke back and forth

Mosey to SF.
Ring of Fire

COT with Saab taking us out.


We started off with a slaughter starter and ended with a ring of fire. The stuff in the middle was not any easier, but it was 100% tried-and-true F3. We were on our hands much of the morning. Offshore forgot his gloves (or maybe his wife finally threw them out). It was a bad day to go gloveless, and I could feel some hate coming my way…

Welcome back Saab, who has been nursing a knee injury. Saab was not 100%, and he modified some, but I glad he made it out. It was good to meet Dexter for the first time. It was good to catch up with men I have not seen in a while.

CHum Bucket did not appear on his home turf this morning. Perhaps he is traveling. I considered moseying the pax over to Chum’s house to give him an 0535 wake up call. A fear of Mrs. Chum led me to shy away from that course.

Great way to kick of the Southside takeover week! Good work, Men.



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  1. Good to get back to Punisher, it’s been a while. I have gone without gloves most of the summer but with a Jville Q, I thought better of it before leaving the house, glad I did. Jville crabbed away from the PAX and had plenty of time to ponder the next punishment before the rest of us finished. We know what his F3 superpower is.
    Who’s got the Q at your local AO tomorrow? Post to find out.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Well done dudes – lovin the SOJ takeover week …
    See y’all in the gloom..

  3. Sorry to miss, fellas. Accompanied M Chum and the kid to Coldplay at FedEx Field last night. Home at 2 AM. Would not have heard the knock on the door. The dog might have.

  4. Good Q today JVille. Your extended bunny-hops were a thing of beauty.

    Rosie was on fire today (so what is new…)

  5. Johnsonville on

    I figure it goes without saying that Rosie was ahead on most everything (other than crabwalks) AND giving a clinic on form.