Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Fire Drill


24 strong attacked Dogpile this morning and here is how it went down….

Warm up’s : Mossy – SSH’s, Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, Copperhead Squats, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, APD’s.

Hill: Partner up – run hill and back to partner and switch – 3 exercises in between – polar bears, Russian Solders, Burpee broad jump.

Curb Crawl : Bear crawl to curb incline  merkin – crawl bear back decline  merkin (ladder – up to 5 and back down).

Triple Check : Teams of 3 – partner 1 runs from rusty cage to the stage does 5 dips and runs back – partner 2 does bench press with sandbag – partner 3 does WW11 situps – switch off and repeat 3 times.

Rusty Cage : 5 overhand pull up – 5 chin ups – 3 sets.  Jerkins 3 sets of 7 .

Indian Run Mossy with last guy doing burppee before running to the front of the line.

Partner Leg Toss : 3 sets of 20

Fire Drill : pax member yells out fire – pax drops rolls right 1 merkin rolls left 1 merkin and pops up – repeat all the way around the circle.

Ring of Fire : 10 merkins while pax holds plank.

Indian Run back to flag with last guy doing burppee then running to the front of the line.

The scoop….. YHC arrived this morning promptly at 5 AM and there was a dude asleep in his car close to where big blue parks. Yep this did not deter YHC – big blue freakn parked where big blue always freaking parks 🙂 Anyway the dude stayed in his car as YHC got out of Big Blue and paced in circles waiting for whatever would come next. Dude never moved until Mr Roper and EF Hutton arrived – then all of the sudden he snapped up and scooted out of there…. These things happen and this is why YHC secures the AO – Boom!

Great to see the headlights pulling in this morning -YHC loved seeing BT rolling up in his truckster – especially since YHC knew that BT would have to pull some strings with the  boss in order to make it this morning as he is heading out of town for VACA – enjoy BT we will see ya when you get back dude..

The Saabski was back in action today which was great to see – nothing can hold back my boy Saab – well done dude – much respect! Gomer Pyle and Helix killed it up the hill – Hardywood crushed the curb crawls – Fuddski smoked the triple check… Super job to the whole pax on the rusty cage Jerkin rotation – that was no joke…Bootleg battled through the partner leg toss – dude did not give up – way to push man – keep it up! The Fire Drill which is something we used to do in wrestling practice was a real crowd favorite – not only do you loose your breath – become dizzy and disoriented – and your shoulders pop out of place – it was really freaken itchy 🙂  …. Way to push through it fellas..

ET’s as always was hilarious – note to pax – don;t get one of those ET’s granola bars that thing will spill all over you/the floor…. or maybe get a plate 🙂  BT’s egg/ spinach bowl should be nice and ripe as he drives with his family to the beach 🙂 Fuud went home and came back to ET’s for a breakfast burrito and some good conversation.. Hey guys stay tuned we have another outing in the works – F3 chartered  fishing trip – stay tuned for details … Circle K – who did not make the workout rode his bike from Mechanicsville joined us at ET’s – atta baby Circle K.

Shout out to EF Hutton for the double dip today – well done dude!

Welcome to our new guys Cooter and Winehouse – and big thank to DK for taking us out this morning.

If you have not yet signed up for Reese Strong – please do so soon – also be on the lookout for a preblast about the crab picking @ circle K afterwords – sign up for that too – we need a head count guys…

It was a pleasure to lead this morning fella’s – have a great rest of your weekend.


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  1. After being on the DL for so long, for the first time I really felt what it was like to almost splash merlot.

    Great job Swirly. Joining the PAX today was just what I needed toward recovery…both physically and mentally.

    Of note, one PAX member commented on how your workout was similar to your last one. (I won’t say who but it rhymes with pud…) Anyway, YHC promptly pointed out that you had signed up to Q simply because no one else had done so….the point was well taken : )

  2. Nice job today Swirly. Still felt slightly dizzy as I was trying to drive home. That’s an F3 first for me.

    Welcome Cooter and Winehouse! You both performed well with quite a challenging Swirly beatdown.

    Shout out to Hardywood. After 20 Pax members passed Winehouse on our mosey to the COP, Hardywood ran close to him and invited him to join us. Winehouse said sure and was with us for the remainder of the workout. We did not know until the COT that Hitchhiker had invited him. Still, without Hardywood’s friendly approach, he would not have joined us. Well done Hardywood!

    The ReeseStrong 5K is on Saturday, September 16. To join the F3 RVA team, visit https://runsignup.com/Race/Register/RaceGroup-386047?raceId=4045.

  3. BT (Big Tennessee) on

    Well done, boys! The 2 exercises that make me question my abilities are jerkins and the fire drill. Pretty sure I resembled a perp getting tazed as I rolled around absorbing as many chiggers bites as I could. Definitely was tightening up as I crossed into SC yesterday, too. Thanks for the send-off, Swirly!

  4. Fantastic beatdown, Swirley. The mix of partner/team exercises was especially fun. Iron sharpens iron, and I felt a lot of support. ET’s was great as always. Fun to get to know folks better.

  5. Looks like an awesome beatdown! Sorry I had to miss it! See you guys in a few weeks after vaca!