Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Explore the AO, but Lose a Flipper!


Six Strong showed up at Twin Team this morning to defeat the Friday Fartsack.  One was breaking off for a run and one showed up from a pre-workout run, and one was well….. lost.

How it went down:

Long Mosey to the High School


SSH – 20

Helicopter – 15

DQ – 10

Copperhead Squats – 15

Mosey to bottom of High School to Tennis Courts



WWII Sit Ups

Mosey to Parking Lot

Dips – 15 Reps x 3 Sets

Double Check – Team up, PAX runs, 1 PAX does Catalina Wine Mixers


Wall Sits – 60 Seconds x 2

Pole Smoker, Hold at 6 inches – 60 Secs x 2

Mosey to Hill

As a group, Run up the  hill do 3 Burpees run back down – X 3

Mosey to Flag

60 Secs of SSH

COT – Numberama, Namerame – YHC took us out

Announcements –

SOJ takeover next week.  And SOJ (the New Market crew to be exact) now has possession of the Ghost Flag so look out for its next posting.

First Thursday Ultimate Frisbee gathering in DaVille tomorrow 6pm. Then head over to Marty’s (9357 Atlee Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23116)  for drinks. M’s and 2.0’s welcome to join

Reesestrong registration is now open and Phonics has created the F3RVA team:

New AO starting up SOJ (Tomahawk Middle School) on Thursday 8/17.

New Sunday Bootcamp in DaVille starting this Sunday 8/6 at Atlee HS at 0700 – see Spit for details

Convergence – September 30 – Gridiron – 0600 to 0800 (or an option to start at 0700) — bring FNGs and go get our Kotters.

PuppyPile (name pending with Corporate) – 2.0 workout at DogPile is the 3rd Saturday of the month (8/19 this month) — see Marv for details.

MS –

As YHC and Honeymoon greeted BFG upon arrival, we were also greeted with the sounds of a minivan screaming through the parking lot and abruptly stopping.  At first Honeymoon wondered if it was DK with a new 4 legged critter to release, but very quickly he was sadly mistaken.  School is starting back up and apparently the custodian is back on the clock and not very happy about it.  We learned that he was headed to work, he had bills to pay and didn’t have time to mess with whatever we were doing in his parking lot.  The PAX wished him well and told him he was always welcome to work out with us if he would like, but it could be a tough EH, maybe we stick Wilson on him.  Anyway, once the morning laugh was taken care of, Gumbo strides into the AO  after a pre workout run to join the PAX to make it an odd 6, well eventually.  Honeymoon took off on his run as the remaining 4, yes 4 for now, took off to sweat in the humid morning.  MumbleChatter was great, always great to hear the PAX learning about other members, their past and current lives.  If you haven’t had a chance to run with Mr Roper, I encourage you, it will be well worth it if you can talk and run at the same time.  As the PAX mosey to the last stop on our route this morning, Gumbo yells out “Flipper, we are over here”!  As we look up in the gloom there is Flipper dripping with sweat and a smile on his face, “where the hell have you guys been”?  Being a few minutes late, Flip could not find the PAX for the first 40 mins this morning, but a huge shout out to him for running, stopping for exercises, and exploring until he did find us.  Great job Flipper!  If you need a tour of Twin Team, Flipper is your guy!  Strong work by all, BFG, Gumbo and Mr Roper all brought it this morning!  Honeymoon knocked out 5+ miles in his BRR prep, strong work!  Pleasure to lead this group!  See you in the Gloom!




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  1. Well done Marmaduke – a great way to end the work-week and good times chatting with BFG this morning during the 11s — so good, in fact, that I forgot what number we were on for merkins and tried to substitute a 3-spot for the 9-er we were on…Gumbo was called back quickly for get those extra 6 in.

    Kudos to Flip-dog for tracking us down…eventually, but even more kudos for reaching the summit of Twin Team on his exploration — gotta tell you dude, that is the LAST place I will ever look for the PAX if I am on the hunt. Way get in the workout that you came for.

    Hope you guys have a great weekend and give ’em hell during SOJ takeover. Gumbo will be trying to log some miles and stay on pace for the monthly challenge will at the beach.

  2. You have to be pretty awesome to be LIFO and get so much Love on the BB. Let me start with , after the public shaming on the pod-cast about how disrespectful it is to show up late (point taken Swirly) I have been ready to go at 5:30 every workout since …not my often 5:33 … however this morning my mind and I got up and out of the house before the rest of me woke up and I u turned to take care of business… 5 minutes late now… the PAX was kind to point out there very own porta potty at Twin Team… I only spent about 5 minutes with the pax but Marmaduke had the CON and was leading like a beast. BTW that’s a big damn AO and that Hill is Stupid…

  3. Nice job Marmaduke! Sorry I missed it. I’ll be back tracking big data and miles starting on Sunday’s run. Great work men.