Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Circus Maximus PAX Buys a Cow to Ride on


Five redwoods posted at Circus Maximus on a comfortable, but somewhat humid morning in the west end. Johnsonville (YHC) took Q with Mudface as the official timer. This is what went down:

COP warmup with SSH, mericans, LBCs, Alabama prom dates, arm circles, 10x burpees.

“Mossy” over to the midpoint on the Circus Maximus bus loop.
10 right hand KB snatches OYO
10 left hand lawnmower pulls on curb in cadence
rinse and repeat 4 times.

“Mossy” to the end of the bus loop.
10 left hand KB snatches OYO
10 right hand lawnmower pulls on curb in cadence
rinse and repeat 4 times.

“Mossy” over on the sidewalk adjacent to the school.
10x burpees OYO
10x balls to the wall in cadence.

“Mossy” to 3 foot brick wall. 10x derkins in cadence.

“Mossy” along drive in front of school to about the midway point.
line up on sidewalk. Flutter kick and, one by one, death crawl along sidewalk to doorway, do 20 mericans, and death crawl back. Rosalita until PAX completes.

Mary with boat/canoe, sit and press in cadence, more rosalitas, and box cutters.

“Mossy” back to VSF. COT with Attilla taking us out.

The self-proclaimed intellectuals at CM discussed the frequent use of the term “mossy” in place of “mosey” in F3RVA backblasts. Knowin’ that F3 ain’t about book learnin’, I told them smarty pantses to “shut the f** up and focus on fitness. If they spent half as much effort on kettlebells and burpees, I would not have to listen to all of that bullsh**. Hopefully they learned their lesson.



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