Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Stankhill gaining traction?


YHC was surprised and heartened to have a total of 6 Pax, including vacationing Dropbox who was down range from Lehigh Valley, show up on what turned out to be a glorious day at Stankhill yesterday morning. After the required disclaimers that have become so familiar to us all, we quickly got started.


Side straddle hops. 25 IC
Imperial walkers. 25. IC
Abe Vigodas 20. IC
Merkins. 25. OMC
WWII Situps 25. OMC
Arm circles. 15 forward, 20 backward (YHC was daydreaming and momentarily lost count)

The Thang

Indian Run once around Stinkhill

Modified Jacob’s Ladder: (Bear crawl to midway landing where Burpees await, run to the top for Situps, run back down to the midpoint for more Burpees, crawl bear down for Situps. Rinse and repeat.) 1 rep of exercise #1 and work your way up to 7. 7 reps of exercise #2 and work your way down to 1. Finish at the top & pick up the six.

Elevens at top of hill:
WW2 Sit-ups
(Cut short at 5 and 6 due to time constraints)

Mosey back to flags for quick ring of fire with 10 Merkins

YHC shared a quote from Sunday church service (Message was sharing God’s word) and related its applicability to our own “give it away” mission:

“Courage is giving away something that you can’t really keep in order to receive something that you can’t ever buy.”

By “giving away” F3 to our brothers, we receive back from them the fellowship that enriches our lives… so give it away guys…




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