Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Sweat follows mist


A PAX of 7 familiar with the offerings of GridIron posted for this morning’s workout.  We gathered in the usual spot at the Pouncey Tract Park parking lot, exchanged greetings and/or barbs, then started the Thang like so:

Jog across the well-manicured football field to the edge of the western endzone for the startup COP with 5 Burpees, then Seal Jacks x 20, Russian Soldiers x 20, Helicopters x 20, Merkins x 10, and LBCs x 30.

Mosey eastward across the football field and down the hill from the scoreboard to the smaller field for a Four Corner variant.  Jog to the first corner of the field for SSHs x 10 then to the following corner adding Carolina Dry Docks x 20.  Continue to other corners adding exercises to the other exercises with Copperhead Squats x 30, then Box Cutters x 40.  Continue back around the field removing the earlier exercises.  Plank at final corner until the full PAX is collected.

Return the bleachers on the groomed football field for an AMRAP round, completing Back Extensions x 10, Rosalitas x 20, and Alabama Prom Dates x 30.  Target was at least 4 rounds within about 12 minutes.

Brief Ark Loader interlude with Bear Crawl to mid-field, Crab Walk back, Bear Crawl back to mid-field, and Bunny Hop back.

The bleachers once again for a second AMRAP round, completing Plank Jacks x 10, Incline Merkins x 20, and Alternating Step Ups x 30.  Target, again, was 4 rounds within about 12 minutes.

Finish with Ring of Fire.  Start jogging in place with each PAX member completing 3 Burpees, then passing it around one round.  Down to plank, then 5 Merkins each around the circle from Plank position.  Flip over and hold Dead Cockroach, passing around 5 WWII Sit Ups.

Back to the parking lot for COT with name-a-rama and numberama.  Attila took us out.

TNM:  Missed some GridIron regulars.  PAX thoughts and prayers with White Deer’s family.  Wishing speedy recovery for Cecil and Earthworm.  Nice work from young Yale today staying just ahead of J’ville.  Nice work also Ragweed in knocking out that last AMREP set.  The morning mist was refreshing, but it was good catching up indoors after for the coffeteria.

Announcements:  Convergence at GridIron on Saturday, September 30th.  Offerings of 6 AM and 7 AM workouts.  More details to follow.  There are hopes for filling the large football field – bring FNGs and Kotters (and yourselves).


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