Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

A Time to Reflect


19 fabulous DaVillers shook off the fart sack and made The Creek a time to reflect. This is what transpired:

Mosey through the parking lot and out to the field:


  • X15 SSHs for the 15 years of memories YHC had in RVA
  • X15 Werkins
  • X15 Freddie Mercuries
  • X15 Smurf Jacks
  • X10/X5/X10/X5 Arm Circles


Mosey to the parking lot:

Abs of Fun

  • 15x 8ct Swirlies
  • 15x 4ct Heels to Heaven
  • 15x 10ct Windshield Wipers
  • 15x 4ct ABCs
    • 1 minute breather
  • 15x 8ct Swirlies
  • 15x 4ct Heels to Heaven
  • 15ct Windshield Wipers
  • 15x 4ct ABCs

Mosey back over to the field

15s – Inverted

  • Merkins / Ape Squats

Mosey to the flags

5 Favorites

  • Favorite RVA – non-F3 / non-Family
  • Favorite RVA spot
  • Favorite F3 Exercise
  • Lead Pax in 5 of favorite F3 exercise



530 came and an assessment of the men was taken.  It was remarked that Swirly still continues to dis DaVille. At that point one said, “I don’t think he is allowed near schools or churches.” Another mentioned that his ankle bracelet doesn’t have the range to reach DaVille.    One wonders, but I am sure Corporate is debating whether to launch an investigation.

YHC took the PAX to the field for COP. At that time Spit reminded YHC why we don’t do that – many moons ago a certain PAX member in his excitement got the decimals of the PAX to a level that we were able to disturb sleeping neighbors from the comfort of their beds. YHC pleaded with the PAX to use their inside voices for COP.  With the precision of an assembly line worker, the PAX did a great job in using their inside voices.

Abs of Fun was a highlight of the morning.  Excitement was in the air and a request was made to add another round.  We cruised through the 15s and headed to the Flags for Favorite 5s.  YHC added a request for each to also add who is there favorite RVAer – non-F3 / non-Family, their favorite RVA spot and what is their favorite F3 Exercise. After that the PAB member lead everyone in 5 of those favorite exercises.  At the end YHC challenged each to go and EH that individual and give them the gift of F3.

In the end, Spit requested we circle up and lay hands and pray for Abacus as he leaves on his vacation tomorrow and when he returns leaves in less then 24 hours for his new job.  This was very emotional to the YHC as these men he loves and respects lifted him up in such a way.  Goose pimples now writing this back blast. Fitness brings us together giving into Fellowship that allows us to do life together and be encouraged which in leads gives us hope and ultimately fuels our Faith of something Greater. Today my Faith in something unseen went up. Thanks my brothers.


  • Next Thursday is “First Thursday in DaVille”  – – 6pm at Atlee HS and then Kreggers – – more info
  • Sunday August 5th is the dry run of the Bootcamp on Sunday’s – To Be Named on the 5th.  It will be at 7am and end at 8am at Atlee HS. Invite, EH, attend, make it happen. We all know a few who say – “It’s too early” or “I can’t do anything during the week.” Time to go back to them and EH them some more.


  1. Abacus, thanks for a great Q! I wish you all the best as you begin your new job, and as Mudface said, know that all of your F3 brothers will miss you and we look forward to the next time!

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Those of you in F3RVA know that I mean no disrespect to Daville. I’m very proud of what has taken place up there . Y’all have done a great job on your own you don’t need me physically to be there – I. assure you corporate is there with you in spirit.
    Any pax?member who would like to approach/ challenge me about where I work out, how I workout , who I workout with , my loyalty and commitment to this group of fine men , or my leadership qualities and abilities is welcome to do so face to face – you know where I’ll be every morning @ 5 am 30min before kickoff securing the AO.!!
    Looks like a solid beat down bless your heart abacus – come on back and see now ya hear .
    Swirly/ Corporate

  3. Great workout and BB Abacus!! During COP today at Dopile we were doing LBC and I thought to myself “Wow my abs don’t hurt like this” then I remember your workout yesterday!

    We are going to miss you brother! Good luck and God Speed! Come visit us sometime.