Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Search for New SOJ AO has begun!!


As the search for a new Thursday AO has begun for the SOJ PAX, the New Market crew assembled at 5:30 in the lower half of the neighborhood for a Tabatta beatdown from Sparky that will not soon be forgotten!

How it went down:

COP – SSHs, Squat Stretch (sure there is a different name) short Mosey

8 Round Tabatta: PAX Exercises for 20 secs on and 10 secs of rest (8  times consecutively each station)

Station 1 : Jump-Rope

Station 2: Burpee – Side Jump – Burpee again – Repeat

Station 3: Medicine Ball Slam

Station 4: Merkins

Station 5: Sandbag Cling Overhead Press

Station 6: Overhead Sandbag Tricep Extension

Station 7: Medicine Ball American Hammers

Station 8: Prison Squat Jumps

Numberama/Namearama/ Wilson took us out!


So as the search continues for a new Thursday SOJ AO, Sparky stepped up to to the plate to offer up the Tabatta style workout for the PAX in New Market. Hats off to Sparky for not only taking the Q but to bring all of the needed equipment for the day, including filling the sandbags pre-workout.   It goes without saying that we need to find an AO fast because that beatdown was intense.  Mumblechatter was great as all the PAX put in work this morning.  Great job by all!

If you have any suggestions for a new AO please feel free to share, open to all suggestions and grateful for the input given!




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  1. That was a solid workout. Looking for more Q’s from Sparky. The Murph is gonna be tough tomorrow!!!

  2. Well done gents! Sounds like a beast.

    Two suggestions — Midlothian High School or Tomahawk Middle School — both provide the school parking, field, etc. aspects and both are easily accessible from 288 or Powhite for visitors that may want to check it out.