Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Crazy Fox Sightings………


Eight strong men showed up on a rather cool July morning to make themselves faster & stronger.

No Q had been listed on the sheet so Wilson & Honeymoon collaborated and decided to tag team. Which ended in a pretty cool hot potato Q.

We did all the normal stuff – SSH, Don Quiote, LBC’s etc. blah blah blah………….

YHC was watching America’s Got Talent last night – OK I slept through most of it, but at one point Wilson’s Wife woke me up to say “hey – you guys should do that!” My immediate response was “Yeah we do that!” Knowing I have never done this move in the gloom.

Hard to describe but it is a partner dip. Think of the Jerkins, but as a dip on a bleacher. Anyway, the PAX had a field day with the visuals. Once glory hole was called out, the optics of the whole thing was……….YHC passed to Honeymoon.

He proceeded to bring back the WHORE! What a bitch. Four repeating corners of HELL! 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 LBC’s and the final round your choice of 10 burpees or 30 Carolina Dry Docks.

Q was passed back to Wilson for some…………Yup you guessed it assorted Mary. Then passed to Marmaduke to take us home to the flag with a Native American run to the flag.

Once at the flag, Honeymoon noticed we had time left. Hell yeah WE DON’T quit EARLY! Ring of fire and then McRib took us over time with some finishing Mary exercises.

Why the fox in the title? Honeymoon & I went on a pre-SOT run this am and saw a fox a few times and when we were setting off for the COP the fox was right next to the parking lot. I tried to scare it off, but it just stopped and looked at me. Friggin crazy fox, it’s daylight! We saw it a total of 4-5 times this am. Where is Doner Kebob with his expert trapping skills when we need him. Luckily no animals or PAX were injured during the work out.


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  1. Nice work today men. Tatu – way to bring the intensity and lead the group for a section of the Whore. Tough workout today fellas! Go have a GREAT day!

  2. Great to be back out there today after some time off. Strong work by all!! Thanks for the beat down fellas!