Saturday, January 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Can We Go Mountain Biking?


5 Da’Ville riders showed up for a ride where all forgot it was July as we basked in the 65 degree weather. Today we did the Ashland loop 20 – out to Ashland Road and right on Elmont, then we weaseled our way through the topside of Ashland and down Mt Hermon Road to come back to Milestone. Here was the route we traversed today –

The sprint today was right in front of Gandy elementary school – “Gandy’s Fire Sprint.”  It started at the tracks and ended at the firehouse.  Strong efforts were put down by everyone with Abacus just finishing ahead of Sugar Baby.  Abacus got the KOM at 47 seconds (27.9 mph), Sugar Baby took the #2 spot at 49 seconds (26.8 mph) and ATV (FNG) took the #3 spot at 51 seconds (25.7mph). So the Da’Ville riders have the top 3 spots on the leader board that has 75 people riding this segment for a total of 579 times.


It is good to see three new faces to our little ride.  We have a good little base and the YHC is confident that we will continue to see this A/O grow in the months to come.  Our first FNG to be named was Domestique who was instrumental in helping Abacus get up to speed in cycling. Second to be named was ATV, which was very easy as Abacus talked about how he mountain bikes and on Ashland road went off road for a bit.  The Pax thought he forgot he wasn’t mountain biking. Last to be named today was Cake Boss.  Lots of chatter on his name originally centered around his proclivity to provide excuses. However, his support of his M’s new GF Bakery option won the day.


  • Sugar Baby has the Q next week.  Will need someone to step up for the first Q in August.
  • F3 will have a team at Reese Strong 5K 9/16 – More info and register – HERE

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