Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bat, man


Four posted for this late July version of The Punisher on a cool morning brought by overnight showers.  The Thang:  Startup COP on Hermitage Road side of LHES with 20 x each of Imaginary Jump Ropes, Imperial Walkers, Don Quixotes, Hillbillies, and Hello Dollys, followed by forward and reverse Arm Circles.

Mosey to the front schoolyard for variant of Red Barchetta (from the F3 Exercise encyclopedia).  Run from the hedge near the parking lot to the far sidewalk for 100 SSHs and return and plank.  Run to a power pole about 75% of the way across the yard and complete 75 Mountain Climbers and return.  Run to a closer pole about 50% of the way and complete 50 LBCs then return.  25% then 25 Merkins and return.  Finish with 10 meter run, 10 Burpees, and return.

Jog around the school to the playground.  Complete 5 Pullups followed by 100 LBCs.  For LBCs, complete 50 with one leg bent and up (typical LBC position) and one straight and on or near the ground.  Switch leg positions and complete 50 more.  Hop up and complete 4 Pullups and do the LBCs again.  Repeat through 1 Pullup and completion of 5 rounds of modified LBCs.

Head around the back of the school to the grass near the outdoor pavilion.  Complete 10 Burpees followed by PAX choice of 5 reps each of chest and leg exercises.  Repeat, reducing the Burpee count and rounding the circle with PAX choices.  Audible called by Q with time running out at 3 Burpees – completed 3, then 2, then 1 of the Burpees followed by last chest and leg sequence.  Got on the ground for quick Cobra pose, Downward Dog, Cobra sequence, then up and ShovelFlag return.

NMS:  Nice work this morning guys.  Way to go Dexter – posting for a second workout following EH by Offshore.

Attracted, perhaps, by heavy, early July morning insect activity, a solo (Sad Clown) bat circled overhead the PAX during the initial COP.




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  1. Great Q Chum. If you would have grabbed that bat out of the air then I would have lobbied for a renaming.

    Burpees at the end were no joke. Great job guys!

  2. We discussed vertical jumping during our next to last Mosey. You had a better shot than me in snatching a bat out of the air, Splinter. But, then again, we all avoided a course of rabies shots in keeping our distance.