Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The introduction of Homer to Marge Raleigh Style


10 PAX circled up in the heat.

SSHX30, Good MorningsX20, WindmillsX20,3X 20 Merkins, 2X20 Mountain climbers, 20 nipplers

Mosey over to the basketball court. 5 sets of suicides on the court. Planks in between and another set of 20 merkins.

Mosey over to the baseball field. Partner Wheelbarrow/runs from foul pole to foul pole for two sets.

25 WW2, 25 LBC, 30 Heels to heaven

Partner up for balls to the wall/ burpee sets. Hold the balls while other partner does 10 burpees. X2

Bear crawl chain weaving in and out while the chain PAX hold plank. 2X


Mosey over to the “Dave Matthew Band Shelter” it seriously has a sign that says that.

2X 20 Derkins, 1X20 Irkins, Elevated Homer to Marge x25

Partner up again. Partner one bear crawls up the hill and jogs down. Partner two does amrap bench dips. Flip flop

Partner one runs up hill and bear crawls backwards down. Partner two does amrap dips.

Circle up 50xSSH, 20 X LBC, 20X side planks on both sides.


Prayers for Mara, Bernie and I forgot the other we lifted up. Workout on Wednesday is going well.

The homer to marge was well embraced by the PAX. There were some questionable stares going on but nothing unusual. Much less questionable than my spelling.

We did a pile of upper body stuff and the PAX hung strong. There were probably at least 50- 100 more merkins I missed in the count

Pleasure to lead. 



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  1. Sorry I missed it…gulp! I’m back in town in about 10 days from my over eating cruise ship event. I wonder if I can muster up a cruise ship F3? Anyone know if that’s been don’t before?

  2. bOB I was just wondering about F3 on vacation. Headed to OBX in August, didn’t see an OBX F3 on f3nation.com but figured with 15,000 men, most in North Carolina, that there must be some F3 at the beach every week? Making my own shovel flag to take down to Corolla but I feel like if I’m banging out Elevated Homer To Marge on the beach by myself someone might call the police on me.

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