Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Appetite for Destruction


30 came out to rock today in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the release of Guns N’ Roses Appetite of Destruction.

COP – Double disclaimer inclusive of workout “you against you” and parental advisory for explicit lyrics.

SSH, Helicopters, IW, Don Q

All exercises from this point forward were AMRAP based on duration of the song.

Mosey back to the Rusty Cage for “Welcome to the Jungle Gym”

  • 7 pull ups, 7 jerkins, run to fire hydrant for 7 4-count flutter kicks
  • Repeato til the song concludes

Alas!  There are new sandbags ready for action.  Roadies grab a sandbag and mosey to the stage behind the Carillon.

“It’s So Easy”

  • Alternate 10 bench presses with sandbag with 10 WW II sit ups with sandbag

Partner up for “Nightrain” – Loaded like a freight train, flying like an airplane….

  • Partner 1 assumes merkin position while partner 2 places sandbag on his back – merkins with sandbag (freight train)
  • Partner 2 puts a sandbag on his shoulders and does squats with calf extensions (airplane)
  • Swap back and forth and repeato

Place sandbags around the corners of a square for Sharks and Minnows to “Out Ta Get Me”

  • Minnows bear crawl, Sharks crab walk

Mosey to the side of the Carillon also known as “Mr. Brownstone”

  • Partner 1 – touch a tree with ascending burpees (tree 1 = 1 burpee, tree 2 = 2 burpees….)
  • Partner 2 – donkey kicks and BTTW
  • Swap and repeato with the next cycle of touching a tree is 3 and 4 burpees, 5 and 6, etc…..

Mosey to the field in front of the Carillon for “Paradise City”, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.

  • Triple Check – Run the length of the field, derkins on the hill, and LBC

Collect sandbags and neatly stack them back in the rusty cage for future use.  Touch down Al Gore but with a Slash guitar solo squat as the Pax convenes.

Garbage Plate takes us down the pipeline to the road.

The original “Sweet Child O’Mine”, Dora

  • Partner 1 runs the pipeline and cuts left to return down the trail
  • Partner 2 – 40 hand release Merkins, 80 American Hammers, 120 Flutter Kicks

Circle up for first ever honey moon suite ring of fire.

  • Working around the circle, each Pax member leads the group in one of the following in sequence – diamond merkins, APDs, monkey humpers, pickle pounders to the tune of “Anything Goes”

Mosey back to the SF via an all uphill route.

YHC took us out.


About five months ago, YHC thought it was nearing the 30th anniversary of the release of Appetite for Destruction.  Sure enough it coincided with a Dogpile and the rest is history.  Like many, YHC has high regard for this album and would consider it on his desert island mix with others such as Pearl Jam’s Ten.  Today it was an opportunity for F3RVA to celebrate the way we know how; with a beatdown.

YHC had hoped EF and Labrat would show in their Axl bandanas, but no luck today.  Honey Do and T Swifty came ready to rock in their respective AC/DC and classic GNR T-shirts.  Well Done!

It was awesome being paired with Flipper for a portion of the workout today.  Like YHC, he appreciates quality rock and not bashful about singing out loud.  For those at ET, there was a glimpse of a serpentine Axl strut Flipper pulled off old hat.

If you ever wonder how YHC spent his Friday night, it’s filling sandbags with the M and 2.0s.  Many hands make short work and quite a few treasures were found in the sand pile.  I anticipate that we will have a run of workouts over the next three months with the shiny new sacks.  Enjoy!

An entire AMRAP workout pushes you in a new dimension.  No rest til the end of the song.  Endless loops driven until the completion of the song.  The Pax did well.

Of note, another Copperhead was found on the road behind Carillon, squashed by blunt force and well deceased.  Does this count as a Copperhead Squat?

It was great to see Sippy Cup back in action as well as so many Pax from across the RVA!

Time to Taper,



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  1. Killer workout this morning. Sandbags rocked. Nice to hear some gnr this morning as well. Thanks for a great Q.

  2. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent Q Lockjaw- love the theme and preparation baby !
    Well done guys way to push !
    ET’s as always was a blast !
    See y’all in the gloom .
    Oh anybody see Marv’s BB from Friday run ???????

  3. Lock Jaw! Killer beating! I enjoyed the music and workout. Well done. I’m beat.

  4. Great beat down today, Lockjaw!! Can’t wait for your anniversary Q celebrating the release of Taylor Swift’s, 1989!!!!

  5. Lockjaw “Your One in a Million yeah that’s what you are ” and your “F$&@ing crazy”. I have been contemplating a GnR Q for awhile but I had “Patience ” Didn’t even feel like a beatdown today, only a little winded from trying to sing and workout at the same time. I will tip my hat to you sir as “I don’t want no civil war”…

  6. T- Swift is a GnR fan so had to disregard the 2.0 unfriendly suggestion, glad I did. Although I’ve been avoiding the discussion of how and why Diamond Merkins ended up in the Honeymoon Suite…
    Nice Q Lockjaw, been waiting for this one! Now time for another grand theme beatdown.

  7. Love the theme, hate that I was not yet back from vacation. One of my all time favorites, in fact my yet to be named 2.0 always asks for THE song when he’s in my car, referring to Sweet Child O Mine. Any of the PAX heading to Winston-Salem to see GNR in a few weeks? EF will be there.

  8. GNR!! What a great way to start my Saturday! Lockjaw, super Q. Sorry to miss ET’s but super work out followed by super little league!! Nice work gents.
    And yes, Swirly, MARV is missing a backblast!! Gentlemen, hope your weekend has been a blessed one!
    Loud and Proud!