Wednesday, September 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hindsight 21 (sequel to Hindsight 20/20)


Returning to the scene of the crime from the past February double-Q chapter with Yardsale, it was time to take a “look back” again for more Hindsight on July 21 (deja vu / but new and improved) Everything makes sense in hindsight.

14 Davillians including 5 strapping 2.0s ditched their fart sacks on this HOT July 21st – Ready to rumble at The Creek at 5:30am (well, 5:31, sorry). The SF was planted next to the shovel flag and PAX ran to side parking lot.

This is how it went down:


  • 21 SSH
  • 21 Split Jacks
  • 21 Don Quixotes
  • 21 LBCs
  • 21 Arm Circles – each arm
  • 21 One-legged squats x3 positions – each leg (Thanks Tony Horton!)


Church Run – Partner Up

  1. One partner merkins / other partner runs around church and relieves first partner – continue till total = 120 merkins
  2. One partner LBCs / other partner runs around church and relieves first partner – continue till total = 240 LBCs
  3. Al Gore/Recover

Hindsight 21

  1. Mosey to soccer field – 4 Corners
  2. Run BACKWARDS corner #1 to corner #2, 21 merkins
  3. Bear Crawl to corner #3, 21 supermen
  4. Run BACKWARDS to corner #4, 21 WW2 sit-ups
  5. Lunge back to corner #1, 21 Freddie Mercurys
  6. Thought we were done? Repeat the cycle in reverse

 Tricep Blast

Mosey to picnic pavilion -Partner-up

  1. Partner 1 dips picnic table seats / partner 2 run the diagonal of soccer field / returns
  2. Switch –partner 2 dips / partner 1 runs

Alphabet Soup

On your 6, legs together 6-inches off ground – legs trace each letter of the alphabet in the air

Mosey back to shovel flag

1 minute left……5 merkins on own


Numberama / Nameorama / Wheelie sped by on a bicycle and waved. Sorry that doesn’t count as a post

Wild Thing took us out. 


Excellent MC from all ages. PAX schooled QIC on what it’s like with shouts of the wrong cadence counts for each exercise. Lesson learned. Why didn’t you tell me this will drive a Q to drink?

Always looking for ways to bring P90X into F3. The 3-position one-legged squats seemed like a hit. I thought Alphabet soup leg lifts were a new thing, but forgot Spit just did them at his Q.

The Church Run originally had another full 120 burpees cycle planned, however in a rare moment of democratic collaboration and consensus, this was erased from the plan.

With a strong contingent of young 2.0s, and constant joking, Front Porch was forced to make QIC face the fact that my humor has officially descended into pathetic “dad jokes”. My daughters will agree, but there’s a million jokes I haven’t done. You younger dads laugh now. Just you wait, just you wait.



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  1. Awesome solo VQ Emoji!! Glad to have you finally in the mix. Now time to plan the next one!

    Glad to have Front Porch back out again! Miss you brother!

    As always glad to have the 2.0’s take over The Creek. One of these days they are going to out number us!!

    Great job everyone! Have an awesome week and see you in the gloom!!