Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Swirly Ball


18 strong – tackled Mary this morning and here is how it went down.

COP: SSH, Helicopters, Windmills, IW’s, LBC’s APD’s, Flutter Kicks

Polarbears : Polar bear ( bear crawl every 5 steps Merkin) to the gate – 20 donkey kicks lunge back – plank. Repeat 3 times replace lunge with – Russian Solder – then Karaoke.

Swirly Ball : Break up into to teams – shirts and skins – 9 on 9 for some back yard football – Swirly style… Offense has 4 downs to make it to the end zone. Receivers are allowed to throw the ball in any direction after they catch it to keep the play alive before they are tagged. Defense has to do 5 merkins for every offensive completion – offense has to do 5 merkins for every dropped pass. Turn over on downs – 10 merkins – interception 10 merkins Touchdown defense has to do 20 partner leg toss.

Highlights : YHC has been wanting to bring out Swirly ball for a while just to change things up a bit. YHC always enjoys the Q’s that involve games or the pax playing around in the grass/mud like a bunch of boys. As the pax gathered this morning YHC was discussing with Bleeder that if there not enough guys showing up YHC would adjust the game plan. During the polarbears Bleeder announced to YHC (Hey dude you know we got 18) 18 was YHC’s minimum number for Swirly ball – therefore it was time to play ! We mossyed on over to the field and broke up into teams shirts and skins… The shirts had a slight advantage cause the field/ball was really wet… Anyway here are the highlights of the game: First Freaken play – Long Bomb – Marv to Grunt TD! and just like that the skins were doing partner leg toss… YHC thought wow my kid is fast and where the hell is the safety all at the same time – but whatever time to regroup … The game was tight for the rest of the time period – both teams moved the ball but no other TD’s were scored – Yep a 7-0 game ( we all did lot’s of running and merkins) . There are some outstanding plays/player awards YHC needs to report. The play of the game was the hail mary pass Marv to Grunt (however after further review the offense was off sides so the TD is called back – (Just Kidding)..  Pele gets the big hit of the game – Pele playing the middle line backer position  freaken leveled Ronnie – Ronnie made a hell of a catch but just as he did Pele put his ass on the ground – Boom! Viral ans Swiper get – best hands award 🙂 just kidding guys I know that ball was slippery Viral – Swiper your drop was pure fear and nobody blames you dude cause Bleeder was coming full speed and was inches away from trucking you – I have know idea how he was able to stop himself but am glad he did cause if he would have hit you at that speed you may have ended up on the tennis courts. Gomer Plyle and Rosie get the tip drill award (that ball YHC threw you two dudes kept alive by tipping it in the air for 5 freaken minutes .. incredible   (The play that almost was)   – YHC 15yard pass to Flipper – Flipdog catches turns and throws a beautiful pass that drops right over the left shoulder of Cottonmouth who was booking down the side line towards the end zone – and aaaaahhhhhh incomplete – son of a bi….&&**% Cottonmouth that would have tied the freaken game man …. Just kidding bro – good try – whatever ….

The time seemed to fly by today guys – it  was fun pretending to be Southpaw’s age out there today – And great job Southpaw – glad to have you on the skins team dude..  YHC always enjoys leading this great group of men and while this was in no way one of the typical Swirly beatdowns it was a hell of alot of fun ! You can bet YHC will be bringing this back !

Thanks to Bleeder for taking us out.

Circle K’s Father’s funeral today @ 3pm Our Lady of Lourdes

See y’all in the gloom..


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  1. Good time this morning Swirly, although I could have done without the polar bears to start. The RVA Qs are getting creative with the games this summer. I have been lucky enough to hit ultimate frisbee, HR Derby, dodgeball and Swirlyball and had a great time at all of them. It’s the PAX, not the game that makes it fun.

  2. Swirly, Great Game today, More thankful for no injuries on the field! Pele maybe picking up a Football helmet this fall!

  3. As you curl in on yourself to cradle a catch and the ball slides through your hands, forearms, belly AND upper legs and you DON’T catch it???

    You MIGHT BE bad at football.

  4. That sounds like a great workout and a bunch of fun. Looking forward to the next time Swirly ball comes out.