Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Prediction: Pain


Six (6) gladiators at Circus Maximus started hot and got hotter with the following:


Slaughter Starter (20 Burpees OYO)

The Loaded Burpees:

EMOM 9:40 #1:     Burpee/Snatch Combos (RH Snatch even minutes; LH Snatch odd minutes)

EMOM 9:40 #2:     Burpee/Merkin Row Combos (RH Row even minutes; LH Row odd minutes)


EMOM 9:40 #3:     Pullover/High Pull Combos (Pullovers minutes 1-5; High Pulls minutes 6-10)


X5 8-Count Body Builders Pan Pax Cadence

Two (2) Minutes of APDs

X5 8-Count Body Builders Pan Pax Cadence


Numberama and Namearma

Announcements: (1) Anticipate return to “normal” CM location next week as asphalt and curb work appear near completion; (2) Convergence at GridIron September 30 0600 and 0700 DoubleDip if you wish; (3) Burpee preparedness; (4) 3 Year GridIron Anniversary September 16; and (5) Pre-Gaming to commence at GridIron under Cecil Q in September (actual commencement date TBD).

Closing Prayer by Attila

MOLESKIN:   The PAX, summoning their best Rocky, said “go for it” when it was announced (in lieu of warmup) that this workout was “going to bust us up.”  A good time was had by all — the 100 or so Loaded Burpees were well-received; the efforts of the PAX supported the bravado – well done men.  Heal well Attila and safe travels OffShore.

Proverbs 14:23 (NIV): All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.


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  1. Johnsonville on

    That was an awesome workout, at least during those few minutes when White Deer was not talking. Really guys, I swear he was quiet and restrained back when I first invited him to post. Plus, he single-handedly dragged me out of the FS this morning. That makes up for a lot of snarky -ness.

  2. Man, what a sendoff – I’ll be reminded of this beatdown via soreness for a while.