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Ghost Flag


The idea of the Ghost Flag is to encourage PAX to travel outside their normal circle of AOs to meet, interact and generally get some 2nd F with PAX from other areas.  This is not a challenge to see who can keep the flag the longest, the goal is to have it passed around to all areas and AOs.  Areas outside of Richmond are welcome to join,  Hampton Roads has already expressed interest in stealing the flag and I expect Charlottesville might have a run at it too.  Below are a few ideas on the general rules of the Ghost Flag, these are general and should be enforced in accordance with advancement of the 2nd F.

  • The Ghost Flag should appear at least once every 2-3 weeks but can be more frequent.  It can appear at any AO of the GF holders choice.
  • The AO at which the GF will appear should be announced 2 days before it posts – Twitter, Facebook, and/or Backblast
  • In order to take the GF a group with a minimum of 5 PAX must show up at the AO on GF day.  All 5 PAX have to be outside their normal AO area but can be a mix of different areas.  ie 2 SOJ, 3 West End organize to go to DaVille
  • If more than 1 group posts with 5 PAX at a GF AO, the group with the most PAX at the AO takes the GF.  If there is a tie the Q gets to choose where the GF goes.  Could be to the group that has been the longest without the GF, a contest of the Qs choice to decide the winner or the group with the best mumblechatter.
  • The Ghost Flag can also make an unannounced appearance at an AO.  If it does, the holder of the Ghost Flag must bring at least 3 PAX and can commandeer the Q (non-VQ dates and commandeering a Swirly Q at your own risk).  If the Q is commandeered the Ghost Flag is passed to the original Q.
  • The GF may also hold contests, such as a Beast Relay, at various AOs and the winner will take the flag.

Thanks to Lab Rat and Honeymoon for the idea, Lab Rat, Circle K and Hardywood for the creation of the flag, and various Emissaries for input on the above rules.

If you have any questions/comments/complaints about the rules, my office hours are the same as TYAs but at various locations throughout the area.  I’ll be happy to help at that time.

Any and all Ghost Flag disputes will be arbitrated by the Ghost Flag’s attorney, Gumbo.

Let’s have some fun with this!  One more suggestion, bring your mumblechatter ‘A’ game.



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  1. Thanks Rosie and Phonics for putting together the rules! Will the ghost flag show up in DaVille next??? We will have to see!!

  2. It totally is! I can say that, because we totally stole it from Honeymoon…and I think originated out of Swamprabbit. Follow ghost flag on twitter! @ghostflagrva