Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

At the Roller Coaster Completely Unsupervised!


A pax of 1 met at Hillcrest Ave. off of Cary Street to lift one another’s spirits as they train for the BRR in da** near 100 degree temperatures. It appears that at least one of the 24 BRR participants knows he cannot rely on youth, natural speed, or good looks to carry him through the BRR. So there I was — north of the river (cue the classical music) — shuffling up and down hills.

The fun thing about being unsupervised in TYA’s neighborhood is seeing the look on TYA’s neighbors’ faces when I tell them that I am there from HUD in Washington DC to scope out the neighborhood for some much-needed Section 8 housing, a few group homes, and a new city bus stop.

Today, I ran 4 small loops and 1 extended small loop for a total of 5.65 mi. The pace was slow, and it was hot out there.

Keep up the good work fellas! Jville


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  1. I’m laughing reading the (cue classical music) … you should have told TYA’s neighbors that it was he who had suggested that HUD add Section 8 housing in that neighborhood.