Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I Can See My House From Here


It’s crazy how much time flies, doesn’t it?  For a decent stretch in the winter, the Mt. Henrico Spider Run was a relative mainstay.  Introduced by Splinter in the fall of 2016, the run begins at the bottom of The UofR and extends to what is known as the highest elevated point in Henrico County…right there on the corner of Parham and Julian Rd.  During the winter months, you could count on Mt. Henrico showing up once every four weeks or so.

Until it didn’t.

For whatever reason, ol Mt. H got on the bad side of the Spider Run PAX.  Fudd Run?  Still popular.  Grandma’s Over the River Run?  Mainstay.  Even Saab’s Finger Runs near CCV have received a pretty consistent call.  But Mt. Henrico, for whatever reason, lay dormant since, well, since anyone can remember.

Until Today.

Fourteen men, dodged the alligators and the manatees in what has officially become “Swamp Richmond” as they bounded around the near west end as we revisited the Mt. Henrico Run.

The Thang
Take Richmond Way to the Robins Center Parking Lot
Realize it’s been three years since the VCU Rams have lost in that building
Head West through the Robins Center Parking Lot, down to College Road
Left on College Road
Right on Lakewood
Right on Wood
Left on Baldwin
Left on Rock Creek by the big church
Left on Forest
Right on University
6 Milers take a right on Arlington Circle and rejoin University
Right on the name of the Road where the Arizona Cardinals play and where the NCAA Basketball Championship was this past April (Glenside)
Right on Julian Road
Get to Parham and Backtrack.
Other than that, it is pretty much a straight shot.

The PAX got to see an update on the latest handiwork from Lally Construction at the prodigious 705 Baldwin Road. Needless to say, at 5:40 and 6:08 no one had shown up to 705 Baldwin yet to work. We’ll all keep that in mind around Thanksgiving. All joking aside, Baldwin is starting to take shape as the framing is in full force.

Think about inspirational views that you’ve had during your life. Maybe you’ve seen the Grand Canyon, or sunrise at the Outer Banks, or the Final Four Banner at the Siegel Center.

For us today, the inspiration came from seeing Sippy Cup out there running with us on a Tuesday. Can you believe its almost been 3 1/2 months of rehab for one of F3RVAs most elite runners? Tip of the cap to the patience of one Cup, Sippy as he has slowly but surely worked his way back.

Also good to see Pele and Theta out and about this morning. Not 100% sure the route that Pele, Swiper, Sippy and LugNut took on the way back from the Henrico Peak but all is well that ends well…even if the ending is at 6:25 in the morning.

Happy New Shoe day to Swirly. Jeff Bezos appreciates your business. (Fun fact…who had more revenue in 2016…Amazon or Apple?)

Finally, the PAX took a brief moment to think about Circle K’s father. Let’s all keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he handles the services this week to honor his dad.

See everyone in the gloom.

PS–It was Apple? I missed that one when I first heard it. Who would’ve thought that?


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  1. Mt. Henrico..great name and great piece of totally useless RVA knowledge!! Nice work men and 2.0’s on the run this morning. My prayers and thoughts go out to Circle K and his family. I encourage all PAX members to remember -Today IS the day the Lord has made, We will Rejoice and be glad in it.” Life is short gents so grab it, enjoy it, and count your blessings!! See you’ll at the gloom.
    Loud and Proud!!

  2. Well done Marv. And a fitting backblast to boot.

    For the record I couldn’t remember the name of the street where you took a right either. Glendale, not glenside. That would have been a different battle.

    I was beginning to think no one liked my Spider Run routes. Glad that at least one has made a reoccurrence. The peak is a glorious sight in the dawn of the day. Too bad I didn’t make it as Fudds ghost gave me a scare for a few minutes.

    This week demonstrated why I love this group so much. Abundant prayers for Circle K and his family.

  3. Always love me some MARV bb’s….entertaining AND enlightening!

    Also, I feel very proud that I have seen all the examples used to describe Sippy’s running, even though I didnt get to see the ACTUAL Sippy Cup run. Three out of four aint bad though! I hope you are at %100, now Sippy!

    One small critique, I would recommend never using the phrase “one cup” again, it’s kind of been ruined. One glass, goblet, or drinking utensil….maybe. Also, whatever you do, DO NOT GOOGLE IT!

  4. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Excellent BB Marv ! Mt. Henrico in that humidity was brutal ! Way to push pax !
    See y’all in the gloom…