Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

That’s how we do it in Columbus


Five PAX convened at Linwood Holton this morning for a schweddy beat-down of sorts.  The PAX corralled a transplant from Columbus, exchanged pleasantries then went along our merry way.  Quick mosey around the school to attempt to lose any late arrivals.  No such luck.  Here’s how it went down, more or less.

20 – SSH
20 – IW
15 – Russian Soldiers
Flipper decided to join the PAX
10/5 – Arm Circles forward and backwards
15 – Copperhead Squats

The Thang
Work our way to the corner of the blacktop for Indian Polar Bears.  Plank up head to toe with the PAX member in back polar bearing to the front of the line.  When he goes down the pax goes down.  The PAX made it two times through.

Quick jaunt over to the soccer field for The Beast.  Exercises were merkins, squats, hand release merkins, monkey humpers, crucible merkins, ball dippers.  We all had a joyous time.

Meander towards the soft ground for some Lindsays.  Exercises were lunges and WWIIs.  Form police in full effect, more on that later.

Since we were on the playground, YHC audibled to The Playground Shuffle.  5 PAX so 5 exercises on the various equipment.  Exercises were pull ups, box jumps, ring around the rosie, umbrella jump squats, derkins on the swing.  Pace car was the 10 box jumps then we rotated through.  Completed 3 rounds.

Speedy gonzales back to the flag for some Mary, including:  LBCs, American Hammers, Freddy Mercuries, Flutter Kicks, Hello Dolly.

BOM with YHC taking us out.

YHC tried to ensure attendance today by EHing at church yesterday.  Flipper got the message and arrived on time at 5:33.  Even our visitor from Columbus managed to get to the AO on time.  Wojo secured the AO this AM, almost leaving before YHC and the Do showed up to confirm he was at the correct location.  Welcome Wojo, hope to see you regularly at the various RVA workouts.

Speaking of Wojo, we appear to have a new form police ready to take over for Toga.  Honey Do, being his typical welcoming self, offered Wojo some encouraging words as he often does.  Wojo quickly retorted, “lunges are supposed to go all the way to the ground.”  Gloves were off, game on Wojo.

Flipper and Offshore continuously debated during the Beast whether the distance traveled between sets was 1/3rd of the way or 1/4 of the way.  They were also debating whether it was 3 bear crawls or 5 bear crawls and a push up for a polar bear.  5/3rds of the way is the only way.  These are important metrics that needs to be correct.

Apologies for the ad-hoc Playground Shuffle call.  Everything went well except the ring around the rosie.  YHC felt like a figure skater trying to keep his balance while spinning around the wheel.  Merlot almost splashed.  At least we were all entertained at Offshore trying to touch the top of the umbrella during jump squats.

– Thoughts and prayers with Circle K and his family.  The F3 brotherhood is with you.
– Untappd / Big Data ideation sessions currently in progress.  This could be F3RVAs moneymaker.

Enjoy the wonderful day today.  After all, it is David Hasselhoff’s Birthday.




  1. If Offshore wore his “Jumpers” more often maybe he could reach the top of the umbrella. Happy Birthday to Hasselhoff and anyone else that shares a birthday with him.

  2. Yeah, I’m going to need to dust off the Strength Shoes soon. Happy Birthday to Splinter! Welcome Wojo! Circle K and fam – thoughts and prayers…

  3. Nice Q Splinter, happy birthday. Only 364 days of Hate. With 4 West End PAX we can lay claim to WoJo. See what happens when you are nice…

    Untapped Big Data could be HUGE!