Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First “OTB” run


4 strong for the first OTB WO.

As we set out for an hour run who knew what we would end up with?  Good part was the humidity dropped and we tracked in around 7.1 miles making for a nice start to this Sunday.  Hills are not the main focus on this AO as we all need to prep for the distance and time on our feet for BRR as it coming soon I hear……….

COT, Name-a-rama, Number-rama

Good stuff and nice work by all that showed up for the official “OTB” Sunday run.  Hint those that showed up……”WILSON” not helping big data by Fart sacking.  Question to the group if you HC and Fartsack does that take data points away?  Jville hope your doing OK as I know you hit a wall this AM after the first mile.



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  1. Glad the AO is up and running! No pun intended! I’ll be there this Sunday. I like challenges #bigdata

  2. I got a question, if OBT posts to OTB, are you standing at the end of the world?

    Fine work, men!