Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Charlottesville F3: Self and Soul


Week #2 for Charlottesville F3 flying solo (thank you F3_RVA!). 10 returning PAX and the good fortune of welcoming one FNG (Dysentery). Fast moving workout despite the fact most of us had burning thighs thanks to True North’s Suzanne Somers-style Thigh (or Quad) Master on Steroids workout from 5/12/17.   A lot to cover and in fact ran out of time so had to drop a couple special presents designed for the PAX (next time!). Also, take note, Fannie Mae dropped off 12 CMUs after the workout… get your arms and shoulders ready boys.

AO: Blackout (Booker T. Washington Park, Charlottesville, VA)
Total Time: 60 minutes
Distance Traveled: 1.9 miles

Side Straddle Hop
Don Quixote (windmill)
Little Baby Crunches (LBCs)
Merkins (pushups)

20 dip -> crab walk across field frontwards -> 10 box jump ->crab walk across field backwards TIMES THREE (“Soul Crusher” right out of the gate – PAX are stepping it up a notch)
Jacob Ladder 1:7 up hill (Derkins, Burpees)
Pullups x 8, Squats x 20 TIMES THREE
Interlude with Mary
– Hello Dolly [heels 6″ off, legs out/in]
– Box cutters
– Dying Cockroach (90 deg., L hand R toe, alt.)
Wheelbarrow halfway down steps, swap partners
Partner Leg Toss (3 x 20 each)
Bear crawl to sidewalk, followed by 20 hand release Merkins
– Weezy Jefferson. (legs from 90 deg. to 5 & back)
– Penguin Crunches
– American Hammers
– 6 inch hold

Great book I’ve been reading over the last year, called Self and Soul: In Defense of Ideals by Mark Edmundson, an English Ph.D. at UVA. He writes about how so many people, especially in first world countries, feel “lost” and unhappy despite living in the safest, wealthiest time in the history of mankind. At the root of this societal problem is, he believes, the fact that people are abandoning a life of purpose and replacing it with a life focused purely on oneself, which is ultimately, he writes, a shallow and unfulfilling existence. Everyone’s busy and many of you will not have time to read the book but there is a great review in the Washington Post (click here) that is worth reading as well and will save you a lot of time!  His chapter on Achilles is pretty amazing I must say, and the book is worth reading for those pages alone.

Page 19: “What is better: a short heroic life that brings glory or a long peaceful existence full of humane contentment? For the majority of people living in the civilized West, this is not a difficult question; it is barely a question at all. They seek wealth and longevity. They want to be respected by their neighbors and be secure —and they want the same for their children. They live within the borders of Self. Self can be greedy and grasping, though it can also be civilized and highly responsible. Yet ultimately Self puts its own interests first. Health and money, an occupation, a place in the world, success: these are the goals Self establishes and pursues. Self exists within the sphere of its own desires. Even in its most expansive moments, Self has a difficult time imagining that there could be other ways to live, other States. But there are. Self is not the only state of being that a human can enter: there is also the State of Soul. Soul is unified, joy bringing, and fully present to experience. Yet it’s also a dangerous State, both to the individual who enters it or strives to do so and to those he encounters in the world. If from the beginning of history the great majority have been people who would choose a long life of civilized contentment over a life of glory, there have been others—a few—who dissent…


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