Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Faithful Four…at first


I loved getting to do my second Q this week and am thankful to the PAX who came out for the fun. Good job on catching up to us on the run, Triple Option. However, you did kill the title of my BB.

The Thang:

Warmarama: 20 SSH 4 count IC, 15 Squats 4 count IC, 15 Merkins

Runarama: 1 lap around the neighborhood (I was feeling a little tired of the lake), 2nd lap around the lake (we made up), hit bear crawl bridge and stopped at both docks for 15 Derkins and 15 dips during that 2nd lap.

We met back at the flags for our next bit of fun. It was 2 rounds of the following:

Bear crawl to the ledge from the flags, 10 box jumps onto the ledge, crawl bear back to the flags and then 10 Merkins.

This was followed by 2 rounds of the Ring of Fire.

I was coming up a few minutes short so we figured dealer’s choice would be a great way to end, of course.

Triple options – 10 WWIIs, Dreamliner – 15 Abyss Merkins, .Sub Mac – 10 In and outs w/the swing set (painful), Deflator finished us with 10 burpees.


Counterama and Name-o-rama

1 Corinthians 12:4-6 (NIV)

We are all wired differently according to God’s purpose and He has given us gifts/talents to used for His Kingdom and glory. Have you ever thought about what your spiritual gift is? Have you ever thought about what other abilities/talents/gifts God has given you that you have never thought of in a Kingdom context?

By working out the talents and gifts that God has given us, we ultimately do the work of the Kingdom, build up one another, and live a fulfilled life in Christ.

Ball of Man (BOM)



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