Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Bastille Day


15 runners and bikers embraced the humidity in celebration of Bastille Day.

4 milers and 5 milers headed east on Grove to take a left on Hamilton.  Hamilton to Cutshaw and cut in front of Thomas Jefferson High School.  4s continue to Blacker and hang a left taking to W Franklin.  5s continue to Staples Mill to Monument west, a left on Willow Lawn Drive, and a left on W Franklin.  4s/5s take W Franklin back to Lafayette.  Right on Lafayette to Grove to the SF.

6s take Commonwealth to Cary.  East on Cary to Thompson to Floyd.  East bound on Floyd to Monroe Park.  Back on Cathedral to Grove to the SF.

YHC took us out.


The theme of today’s route was in recognition of the Franco-American relationship with routes covering Lafayette, Hamilton, and three ministers to France, (Franklin, Jefferson, and Monroe).  Our own revolution was largely successful due to French aid.  Lafayette and Hamilton overtaking redoubts 9 and 10 respectively at Yorktown while the French fleet prevented British reinforcement leading to Cornwallis’ surrender.

The cry of the French Revolution – Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity – are evident every day I post with F3.  I am proud to belong to F3RVA!


  • Up Chuck has a golf tournament in August
  • Toga is hosting auditions to replace his F3RVA presence based on wit, sarcasm, and form police.

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  1. I miss you guys, but not the weather! Bravo Lockjaw for the Bastille Day video! Next year, the 14th is on Sat. Dogpile will make a great Bastille Day beatdown. Have fun storming the castle!